I did my best…

…I tried to come up with a picture of some hawt firemen for ya’ll.  The best I could do was a hot fireman:

Hot fireman...

(hot from standing over the grill, that is, though he is pretty hawt in turnout gear *grin*)

So…why do you think Tina’s so happy?

Why is Tina so happy?

…and other spinning news, here’s a crappy photo showing that I may have managed to reach maximum density on the plying head:

Maximum Density

I think I can get a smidge more on there…what do you think?  ;o)

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9 thoughts on “I did my best…

  1. 1) The guy with his back to us has just said he likes the looks of her bobbins.

    2) There’s something besides Pepsi in that bottle.

    3) She’s just won two tickets to the next Fireman’s Ball, complete with hunky fireman.

    Am I close?

    Your bobbin is full. Stop now, says I.

    Diane’s last blog post..A handful of summer

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