Ten on Tuesday…

…the one with all the guilty pleasures (the television kind):

1.  Survivor.  I’ve watched all 18 seasons, most people who know me IRL know to not call my house between 8 and 9pm on Thursday nights.  ;o)

2.  The Real Housewives of Orange County.

3.  The Real Housewives of NYC.  Bethenny is my absolute favorite.

4.  If I ever get a chance to watch it, I have a feeling The Real Housewives of NJ will be on this list…

5.  The View.  Though I haven’t watched it lately…

6.  Martha Stewart…but don’t tell anyone.  ;op

7.  TMZ or Entertainment Tonight…one of those shows that comes on after the news but before the ‘real’ shows at 8pm

That’s it, seven.  I guess I don’t have very many guilty pleasures when it comes to TV!

So tell me, what are your guilty pleasures on TV?


p.s.  Another crappy iPhone photo…for those who thought I couldn’t cram any more onto that bobbin:

Another angle...

THIS is maximum density!

HA!  Where there’s a will…there’s a way to get 7+ ounces onto a 6oz bobbin. ;o)

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