…the one with all the yarn.  ;o)

I finally had a chance to wind off that big huge bobbin I’ve been waving in front of you guys all week.  After a soak and a thwack here is what I ended up with (shown with regular size Kromski bobbin for scale):

HUGE Skein of yarn...

This is Superwash Merino from Crown Mountain Farms in the Blue Suede Shoes colorway.  I bought the roving in 2007 (when Teyani was still dying for them) and I had thought I started spinning it then but I was wrong, I started in February 2008.  While it isn’t as long on the bobbin as I thought, a year and almost a half is a pretty long time!

Big bobbin and wee bobbin

I had two full Woolie Winder bobbins of singles that I managed to cram onto my Kromski plying head.  Almost 8 ounces!  (shown here on the bobbin with a regular size Kromski bobbin for scale).  The paper is there to contain the yarn and keep it from going over the edge.  That paper helped me get another 50 yards on that bobbin – that and turning the hooks sideways so they didn’t catch on the plied yarn on the bobbin.

Big bobbin and wee bobbin

I had to manually wind on the last 10 yards or so.  I used the park and draft method – I plied up the length I had pulled from the kate, then turned the bobbin with my free hand while I held onto the plied yarn with the other hand.  It was an interesting 30 minutes, I tell ya.  ;o)  But I was NOT going to have two skeins of this yarn!  I was determined!  So, all told, I ended up with 556 yards of sport/DK weight Navajo plied goodness.  I have no idea what I’m going to make with it, maybe a shawl of some kind?  Knee socks?  ;op

In other spinning news, I had my arm twisted into joining…

team cranky pants

Crankypants is very fitting for this time of year – since the tourists have shown up en masse and they’re annoying the hell out of me already.  I’ll give you guys a better update on what I’ll be spinning, etc. on Monday.  Have a great weekend and if you’re in the US of A, an awesome holiday!  Happy Fourth!


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27 thoughts on “ECF…

  1. That is some of the prettiest yarn I’ve seen in ages. The colors… the plying… the sheer volume… it’s like a big bobbin full of wooly Heaven. When I grow up I want to spin like you.

    heide’s last blog post..Childhood and a Birthday.

  2. Manise says:

    That’s one full bobbin and an awesome skein! I’ll have to use that card stock trick on the ends.

  3. Ingenious and beautiful!

    You could always give that 556 yards of yummy goodness to a close acquaintance whose name starts with M and lives in a town that starts with P and sees you sometimes on a Tuesday.

    That’s what I might do if I was you :P

    michelle’s last blog post..Fresh Start

  4. That is totally awesome! I love the colors and how your plying accentuates them, and thanks for the great tip about paper. I aspire to Navajo ply so well… and need to invest in a woolie winder and bigger bobbins, LOL. Have a very good holiday.

  5. Wow….that is aLOT of yarn on that bobbin! Beautiful colors!

    Yep……….the tourists have descended upon us here in the mountains too. I’m glad they support the economy but I am SO glad when they all go back home again. ;)

  6. Beautiful yarn!! I love the idea of knee socks but I think you should make something that will be a lot more visible like a shawl.

  7. Diane S. says:

    Oh my god….I thought I was in love with that yarn as you were plying it at the Stitch-n-Spin! It is so beautiful!!!
    And I so love the paper trick, I just may need to try that tonight with what I’m plying.

    Good luck with those tourists and your team, can’t believe it’s already July. Happy 4ht to you to!
    Miss ya!
    Diane :-)

  8. I regularly overfill my bobbins when spinning or plying but I never thought to put paper on to keep it better behaved. Did you put the paper on before you even started? That would require thinking ahead which is more than I am capable most days. Great tip!

    Brooke’s last blog post..Gifts for you!

  9. ooh, I must remember the paper trick. I cram my bobbins too but the ends fall off so easily! Then they get all jammed up. (I’ve been known to pull lengths of plied yarn off and up the tension and wind them on tightly – my very bad! I also get them off the bobbin quickly afterwards.)
    Lovely yarn! Lots of it too :-)

    lynne s of oz’s last blog post..Musings and mumblings

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