Tour de Cranky…

…began on Saturday.  I decided to continue to neglect Steve and made my goal something that might be a bit more challenging.  I’m going to try to empty this:

Tour de Fleece 2009 Goal

by the 26th.  (iPhone included for scale – and I’m sorry the picture is fuzzy but if I go back out there with the camera and the bin odds are good I’ll be run over by Captain Crankypants and his Mower of Doom.  In the interest of continuing with the good pictures and the blog and life itself I’ve chosen to post a fuzzy picture.  ;o)  )

That bin holds ALL my Spunky Club fiber – and I’ve been a member since late 2007 – not including the three or so months I’ve spun up over the past year.  This makes roughly 15 months worth of fiber at 4oz/month which comes out to almost 4 lbs of fiber.  Yikes.

I’ve already spun up the December 2007 offering of ‘Party Dress’ which is waiting to be plied as I type  I think I can do this…do you?  ;o)


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23 thoughts on “Tour de Cranky…

  1. I’m betting you punk out and admit defeat before the end… or maybe I’m just saying that so you’ll get all riled up and think “I’ll show her!”

    I’m devious that way, it’s all that book learnin’.

    Tina M.’s last blog post..WOOL: One Month Out

  2. Do you have a cook and housekeeper? Maybe even a stand-in wife? Good luck. I’ll be watching your progress.

    Chery’s last blog post..Socks

  3. But…but…then you’ll have to go get more fluff, and then you’ll be right back where you are now! It’ll never end!

    deb’s last blog post..Mini-Baker

  4. Sure you can! I’m inexperienced enough to not understand how crazy this might actually be and so I’m figuring that you can do it. Just think of all the pretty yarn you’ll have and all the pretty pictures you’ll be able to share with us, your wonderful blog readers :)

    CatieP’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: Reflection

  5. Good luck on ‘ya

    I admitted defeat before I began and am not participating in Tour De Fleece due to the simple fact that I will not have access to Phaedre at Sirius Rising and will not Spin on a folding Kiwi that John may or may not be bringing (wrong ratios)

    Tim D’s last blog post..Where do I start?

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