Spinning Update…

…so far I’ve finished the 4oz of Superwash Corriedale from December 2007 in the colorway ‘Party Dress’ and ended up with 236 yards of two-ply:

Tour de Fleece 2009 - Party Dress

(yes, it’s really that bright, hehe  It’s supposed to be an 80’s party dress and I think she nailed it)

…and I’ve started the 4oz of Finn in the colorway ‘Acadia’:

Tour de Fleece 2009 - Acadia

…and I’ve realized that I can share the link to the Spunky Club site because it’s OPEN!  If you want to have a monthly fiber or yarn surprise in your mailbox from the uber-talented Amy of Spunky Eclectic go here – you will not be disappointed!  ;o)

In other spinning news, Amelia has developed a click in the right treadle hinge that’s DRIVING. ME. CRAZY(er).  RR and I have been attempting to adjust it for three days and have given up.  I’m calling New Voyager today to see if I can get a replacement hinge.  Of all the times for her to get unhappy…!


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15 thoughts on “Spinning Update…

  1. But what would le Tour be without a challenge? Here’s hoping you work through your equipment challenges and don’t bonk.

  2. That is some beautiful yarn. :D Can you rig it with something from the hardware store? Texas did something to mine because she developed some issues when I moved her from CA to TX

    Stacey’s last blog post..Erm… it’s Monday?

  3. When they develop a creak it can drive you nuts. Would “liquid” graphite help it? A little messy (put a towel under the hinge), but it helped my Sonata’s squeak.

    Kelli’s last blog post..Hello Harriet

  4. Pretty!!! Can’t wait to see Acadia finishes. I love those colors together. You’re an evil woman. You know I’ve been trying to avoid the Spunky fiber club…you are an evil, evil woman.

    I knew NV would take care of you. They’ve been very responsive to me…even replacing the cracked bobbin at no charge.

    Harriet’s last blog post..Priceless

  5. I’m not tempted, not me. Not at all. No sireee. Nope. Not. Tempted. Not.

    I call tell we’re going to enjoy all your spinning efforts.

    Have you tried waving a hammer in front of Amelia? A little tuff love might help.

    Diane’s last blog post..Buzzzzzy spinnnnning

  6. Those are gorgeous colors! Sorry to hear about Amelia’s hinge. My left should blade has been clicky since I was thrown by a horse into a metal gate a decade ago and broke my scapula. Perhaps she’s been up to some spinning mischief when you’re not around.

    Brenda’s last blog post..Random with a big FO

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