TDF 2009 Update – 07-09-09

…yeah, I know it’s not very imaginative but I’m working on a deadline, people!  Let me also add, I know I’ve fallen behind (uhm…WAY behind) on reading blogs and I’m sorry…I need to figure out a way to get the laptop next to Emma so I can read and spin (Emma because Amelia is in TIME. OUT. dammit.*)

Anyway…update.  Yesterday’s spinning:

TDF 2009 spinning for 7/8/09

(photo taken with my new Shiny Precioussss – the iphone 3Gs – I’m pretty happy with the new camera (among other things))

2 oz of Merino/Tencel Singles – Spunky Club September 2007 – Colorway ‘Aspen’  (this month was a 2 oz hank).  I’ll be plying this 2-ply from a center pull ball today and start on the November 2007 offering of  ‘Pie for Everyone’ this afternoon.  (October 2007 was partly spun and then given away since apparently I do not like scratchy wool to spin)  To answer an ongoing question from the comments: I do not have a plan for everything, I’m going to go with what I feel for each hank when I pull it out.  For example, I know I’ll get more yardage wtih a 2-ply so that’s what I’m doing with this one (and the previous one) but I think Pie for Everyone will give me more singles yardage so I’ll probably Navajo ply it.  But, that could change, too.  ;o)  Flying by the seat of my pants, who, me?  hehe

*Update on Amelia:  I spoke with Tim at New Voyager yesterday and he’s sending me new hinges, a new upright, a new connector and a new screw to connect the connector all…FOR NOTHING.  This is why I buy Kromski.  When I had Brigit and had issues with Brigit (my Lendrum that my Dad fixed and was adopted by my Mom for her birthday) I could not get a resolution from Gord.  Because I couldn’t get him on the *bleep*ing telephone to save my life.  Or email.  Or at a show.  I tried for a. year.   This whole clicking issue has come to a resolution in under a week, you can’t beat that kind of customer service with a stick (or a clickety footman).  ;op


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15 thoughts on “TDF 2009 Update – 07-09-09

  1. I agree. I hope certain people who sneer at Kromski wheels (cough, AF, cough) read this. There is an awful lot of unwarranted prejudice against Kromski wheels in general. I got really sick of hearing what crap they were at my former spinning group as I sat there with my Minstrel. Note I said former…..

    Marcia’s last blog post..Rain, Rain, Go AWAY!

  2. Wow, that is a pretty impressive photo coming from your phone! I like the colors in that colorway, it is very earthy.

    I am so glad you were able to get a nice, quick, and easy resolution to your problem with Amelia. Good customer service is so very important!

    Maeghan’s last blog post..Tour de Fleece

  3. Now THAT’S some customer service, and just how it should be! I’m glad you can stop freaking out now, there are few things more annoying than a beloved tool being a REAL tool.

    And by the way, I LOVE the batch you’re spinning right now. Oooh…

    Tina M.’s last blog post..Tour de Fleece: Day Five

  4. You won’t hear me say a word about getting behind on the blog-reading. If you can work out a system with the laptop and the wheel, and can make progress, you will have to share the secret.

    I’m glad you enjoy the new phone, but the first time I read that sentence, I was distracted by the spinning and thought *it* was the shiny precious of which you were writing. It is gorgeous!

    That is great news about Amelia and the excellent customer service. I am impressed.

    Sarah’s last blog post..Bet You Never Even Knew We Were Gone

  5. That Aspen colorway is gorgeous. I have a lendrum and a Kromski and I love them both but I have to say that your comments about Gord aren’t a surprise. I met him at MDS&W right after I got my Lendrum and he wasn’t exactly fun to talk to. I had questions and he plainly wan’t too interested in answering. Still love the wheel tho.

    Hillary’s last blog post..ECF – Water Fountain Edition

  6. Lovely stuff you’re spinning. That’s an amazing quality photo from your iPhone. All my phone does is make calls. Yes, I’m terribly behind the times.

    Isn’t it interesting about customer service? It has a huge impact on long-term customer retention and satisfaction and on attracting future customers, yet many companies do it poorly and only give it lip service. They have no appreciation for the consequences. It’s good to know your experiences with both these companies.

    Diane’s last blog post..Gone to the dark side

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