Ten on Tuesday (and some TDF spinning)…

…the one with all the Favorite songs of the 80’s:

1.  Anything by Prince.  I must have driven my ‘rents nutso with all the Raspberry Beret singing…

2.  Anything by Michael Jackson.  I literally wore out the grooves in my ‘Off the Wall’ and ‘Thriller’ albums (back in the day when they were ‘albums’ and had ‘grooves’ heh)

3.  Anything by Madonna – ohman, I worshipped that woman in my teen years…I had the rubber bracelets, the lace headband, the lace gloves, the teased hair…

4.  Anything by Cyndi Lauper – there was a period when I wanted to BE her – and we shall not discuss the horrible kool aid+hair incident.

5.  oooo Blondie.

6.  Relax by Frankie goes to Hollywood

7.  Fight for your Right by Beastie Boys

8.  Tainted Love by Soft Cell

9.  Anything by The Cars

10.  Anything by Billy Joel

I just opened up the iTunes and now I could go on and on… ;o)  What are your faves from the 80’s?

Here’s a TDF quickie:

Tour de Fleece 7/12/2009 - Acadia

(another iPhone picture – I’m still amazed at how good the pictures on the new phone come out)

Colorway: Acadia, 266 yards 2-ply, sport-ish weight

You may want to come back tomorrow…big doin’s!  HUGE!!  I can’t wait to tell you but I *have* to wait!  Let’s just say it’s a gift for you AND me!  ;o)


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12 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday (and some TDF spinning)…

  1. Umm, I like the Cars out of that list. :)

    You probably haven’t heard of most of the bands I liked in the 80s! The Mighty Lemon Drops, the Smithereens, Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians, the Call, the Church, Prefab Sprout…

  2. I think Chris is my kinda girl.

    Ya know, I still have my copy of Thriller around here somewhere. Seems like a million years ago…


  3. Anne says:

    Heh. You bring back quite the memories! My boyfriend sophomore year in HS spent the night on the sidewalk to get tickets to Madonna’s Virgin tour for us. 25th row, dead center. Awesome show! I still have the remains of one of the balloons that got dropped over the audience in a scrapbook somewhere. This completely unknown group opened for her…and got boo’d off the stage. Literally. They were the Beastie Boys! (To be fair, they really sucked)

    Having grown up in MN, Prince is a given. Yes, I have partied at 1st Ave and 7th St Entry. Always with the hope He would be there. Never for me, but I have friends who suddenly found themselves doing the Bump on the dance floor with His Purpleness.

    I dressed up as Cyndi Lauper for the Halloween dance sophomore year. My contact lenses were tinged red for WEEKS from the copious amounts of red hairspray I used to get the desired effect!

    I was also completely into the Smiths, the Smithereens, The Pet Shop Boys, the Mighty Lemondrops, The Cure, Huey Lewis, Billy Joel…pretty much everything released in the 80s! And now I love, love, LOVE the podcast Stuck in the 80s. Can be found on iTunes. They deconstruct movies, music, do interviews with 80s icons and relive their own 80s experiences. Did I mention I love it? :^)

  4. Congrats on the special surprise!!!!!
    80’s music was BIG with me, filled with Depeche Mode, George Winston, INXS, Yes, Supertramp. Good times.
    Yes! Love the iPhone pix!

    Laurie (Moo!)’s last blog post..Nope

  5. You are such an 80s chick! Me too. I would die a happy woman if I owned a Frankie Says: RELAX t-shirt. If only I had a time machine. I dated a guy who would break out the dance moves anytime anywhere if Raspberry Beret came on the radio. And that’s not the reason I broke up with him, although that would’ve been reason enough.

    Kim’s last blog post..Squid Island

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