Did you hear?

My bags?  Are going to Sock Summit.  How FREAKING cool is that?  ;o)

On Monday I received an email from my friend Karin (of The Periwinkle Sheep – gorgeous yarn!) who is vending at Sock Summit, asking me if I’d like to send some of my bags with her for her to sell in her booth.  I immediately replied, “YES, PLEASE!” and went to acquire permission from the powers that be over at the Sock Summit site.  I didn’t let myself get excited until I heard back from them, I was afraid I’d jinx it.  When I got the email, I admit, I may have yelled a bit and possibly jumped up and down a bit…I know I scared the dogs and RR a bit.  ;o)  (and now that RR knows what Sock Summit is, he is very excited for me, hehe)

How awesome is Karin?  ;o)  Go ahead, tell her how awesome she is, I’ll wait.  Make sure you come back, k?  Because I have more…and it’s kinda big…you back?  ok good.

SO if you are going to Sock Summit and are wandering around the marketplace, stop by booth #800 and say hello to my bags for me, k?  ;o))  and buy a bag and some yarn from Karin, because she’s AWESOME.

Because I’m so happy about this (and because today is my birthday so I can pretty much do whatever I want as long as it’s legal) and because I’ve hit my 100 sales mark AND my 200 hearts mark on my Etsy shop (!) I’m giving away a bag. Of your choice from the shop listings.  A Stitched by JessaLu bag all for your very own!  Yay!  Here are a few of my new fabric choices that will be up in the shop by the end of the week:

New Stitches...

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post before Midnight on Thursday.  I will pull a name and announce the winner on Friday Monday the 20th.  I’m sorry guys but I need a couple days to get all your entries into the spreadsheet! (or do a random number generator thingy, we’ll see how many entries we have, k?  That whole paper slip thing last time about killed me.)

Want another chance?  Tell your friends!  For every comment that mentions who sent them, you get another chance!  AND, just because I love my Twitter, if you tweet you get ANOTHER chance!  So, to break it down:

Comment on this post = one chance in the drawing.

Include which bag is your favorite in your comments = one more chance in the drawing. (you can link to the listing or just name the pattern from the listing, whichever is easiest for you.  This doesn’t have to be your prize choice, just which one you like *today*)

Send your friends = one chance for every mention of your name in the comments

Twitter = another chance in the drawing (please put a link to the contest page and #stitchedbyjessalu or #SbJL in your tweet so I can find it!) (this is limited to 1 3 tweets per person but if you get people here saying your name you get more chances!)

AND…here’s a biggie…if we get more than 100 comments on this post?  There will be a second prize. The second prize will be….

…your choice of a skein of what I have spun during the Tour de Fleece 2009.  Even if I love it and don’t want to give it up, if you want it and you won the drawing for it, it’ll be yours.  It may be stained with my tears, but it’ll be yours.  ;o))

Good luck everyone!!!

ETA:  Monday will be the prize announcements, holy crap guys!  You’re awesome! 200+ comments so far!!!  This means…

I’m adding another prize!!!  BAG NUMBER TWO is now up for grabs! You can now win a chance for a second bag of your choice from what is listed in the shop!

I also added two more tweet allowances so if you’ve tweeted once, you can do it 2 more times – if you haven’t at all, you have three shots to get more people here through your twitter!  Just remember to use either #SbJL or #stitchedbyjessalu so I can find you!

…and THANK YOU!!  :o)

ETA Midnight Thursday: Comments are now closed!  Thanks for playing, a winner will be announced on Monday, July 20th – good luck!!

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275 thoughts on “Did you hear?

  1. Happy Birthday!

    & Congratulations!

    I am so freakin’ proud of you and thrilled that this birthday is going to be so much happier/better than last year. I think I love (for right now anyway) the one on the left with the red zipper.

    Is it wrong that I was kinda hoping you’d do the name thingy again?


    Cookie’s last blog post..All I’ve Got Is Cranky

  2. Happy Birthday! All the cool people have birthdays this week, right? ;)

    Love the new bags, especially the one in the lower right corner. I *may* have been stalking your shop for an update this week – need a little birthday gift of my own!

  3. Happy birthday Jess! And congratulations about your bags!
    If I had to pick a favorite….it would be the one with the red zipper. I like them all though.

    Karen’s last blog post..Ten on Tuesday

  4. I am so excited for your chance to have your bags at Sock Summit.

    July is a good birthday month, I agree. Mine is in another week.

    I think my favorite bag, at the moment, is: the one with the blue zipper.

    Laura’s last blog post..Garden Update

  5. nestra says:

    Congrats on going to Sock Summit!

    My fave (tough choice) is Carnival Bloom, although the Lilli Dot is running a close second.

  6. So much goodness today! First, happy birthday! And second, congrats on the bag thing. You know this will give you great exposure. I love the Michael Miller Lolli Dot in orchid. And I’ll be tweeting. And sending my peeps, too. Woot!

  7. I heard! It’s so freakin’ great! Tell your bags to take pictures!

    I like the Michael Miller Tattoo pattern myself. It’s not up top, but it’s still my favorite. And then there’s the Alexander Henry Citrus…/sigh, don’t get me started.

    Happy Birthday to you!

    Diane’s last blog post..It’s time for a glue up

  8. Susanne says:

    Oh what a great thing for you to be at sock summit!! well at least those gorgeous bags. btw, Carol sent me here so I thought I would enter too…take good care and have fun with all those bags.

  9. Happy Birthday Girl! Darn it I missed last night where I could have probably heard your news live and in person…

    Oh and I arrived hear reading Carole’s Tweet on Facebook because I had to know who/what SbJl was…which I finally got at this moment! Uh, yeah can you tell I haven’t had my coffee yet.

    michelle’s last blog post..Fresh Start

  10. Happy birthday! Congrats!

    I like the Lolli Dot in Orchid, although it would be the height of foolishness for me, since it’d be instantly coated in black cat fur.

  11. LimeJuicy says:

    wow! I had never seen your shop until ThePaintedSheep tweeted about this give away. LOVE.IT. The orange blossoms bag is definitely my fav, but the new ones you mentioned above look amazing too.

    Happy birthday!!


  12. Danby says:

    Happy Birthday! Love the bags, especially the Alexander Henry Citrus. Oh yes, heard about this over on Carole Knits.

  13. Susie B says:

    Happy Birthday and Congratulations on being at sock summit! What a thrill that has to be. I currently like the Monaluna Cherries in Cherry bag.

  14. Roxanane says:

    Happy Birthday! I’m here because Carole sent me. The Lolli Dots bag in Orchid is my favorite too but they are all beautiful and fun.

  15. I love using box bags to keep my projects organized & safe while traveling with me every day.

    To choose a favorite??? So Hard like StumblingOverChaos Chris (who sent me the link to your contest) I’m partial to the Lolli Dot in Orchid but I also LOVE the Vespa Scooters.

    Cursingmama’s last blog post..Well That is a fine How Do You Do

  16. Robby says:

    First things first: Happy birthday AND congratulations on sending your bags to Sock Summit. May none of them come home.

    To be fair, I must tell you that Carole (of Carole Knits) sent me. I’ve heard tales of your wonderful bags and it was nice to finally stumble across them. How could I know just love that purple/lavender polka dot bag? Too charming. Have a swell birthday.

  17. Deb B. says:

    Have a WONDERFUL Birthday!

    Monaluna Cherries in Cherry is adorable. All your fabrics are beautiful, it’s so hard to pick one.

    Carole J sent me.

  18. Happy BIRTHday to EWE! Happy birthDAY to EWE! Happy BIRTHDAY, dear Jessalooooo… Happy BIRTH-DAY tooooo EWE…

    As I said before:

    WOOHOOHOO!!!! Go Jess!! I’m very proud of you. :)

    Right now my favorite bag is a tossup between the Tattoo and Carnival Bloom bags. They’are all beautiful, but that’s what’s at the top of my list right now.

    Can I Facebook instead of Twitter? ‘Cause you know I don’t do no Tweeting.

    Tina M.’s last blog post..Spinning FO: Kryptonite

  19. Happy Birthday – Congratulations on the Sock Summit! I subscribe to your blog, but also saw –Deb’s (Chappy’s Mom) tweet. that top one is lovely and in your shop, I love the Cute Little Birds!”

    Jennifer’s last blog post..Mass Sheep & Wool!

  20. newageamazon says:

    Hey hey! Was sent over here by StatKnitter/SairyKnits! Ooooh, and loving the Alexander Henry Mirabelle in Slate bag! Will def. be tweeting this!

  21. Whoo hoo! I am so excited for you. I’m going to SS ’09 (I only live 25 minutes away) and I’m definitely going to booth 800. It’ll be kind of like meeting part of you in person. My favorite of all of your bags is the Naughty Kitty one that you made for me. I use it for nearly everything. So far it’s been a lunch bag, a purse, a knitting bag, a medicine bag and a toy carrier. I’m forever receiving compliments on it and I always take the opportunity to tell them that it was handmade and by who. I also show them the label, the bee, the lining. By the time I’m done most people probably wish they’d kept their mouths shut. My only complaint or concern is that I wish you were coming to Sock Summit in person. Cheers!

    heide’s last blog post..WTF Cats & News

  22. Happy birthday! And congratulations on the Sock Summit sales!

    I feel selfish even entering this as I just won a comment, but I love your bags too much to resist. The hard part is choosing one…there are so many to covet. I love the calming colors in Star Flower. I adore sock monkey patterns, so I love this one (Sock Monkeys in Blue) too. And I love the cute…so Cute Lil Birds is right up there, too. But at this very moment, I think my very favorite is My Forest in Natural…squirrels, mushrooms…what’s not to love?

    Gee, I hope all these links work, ‘cos I won’t be able to fix ’em if they don’t.

    Sarah R’s last blog post..Whoop! Guess I Can’t Say I Never Win Anything!

  23. Kassia says:

    Congratulations! And Happy Birthday! I’m going to SS09 so I’ll be sure to check out your bags at The Periwinkle Sheep’s booth. :)

    There are so many gorgeous choices– I think my favorites are starry dots and carnival bloom. :)

  24. Carole sent me!
    Happy Birthday and Congratulations! Your bags are really cute. Nice work! My favorite is the Monaluna Mingle in Summer. Have a great day!

    Meredith’s last blog post..Stuff

  25. Carole sent me over, but she didn’t mention it was your birthday! Many happy returns!

    Congratulations on the Sock Summit news. Everyone I keep hearing about is going to be in that 800 aisle, so I think you’re going to be very popular. I’ll keep my eyes peeled when I’m there.

    And a current favorite? Purple polka dots are up there, but I think this one might be it: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=27673440

    sprite’s last blog post..booking through … tuesday

  26. Happy birthday Jess, and congrats again on your bags going to Sock Summit. That is just so totally awesome!!

    Hmmm…my current favorite in your shop has to be the Michael Miller Tattoo bag. I love the pattern and the colors are great too. The colors would look fantastic next to my darling Ladybug. ;)

    Maeghan’s last blog post..A Good Night, A Bad Night

  27. That’s great news – congrats!

    I have to say, I like all your bags I’ve seen. And even though I don’t want to hurt my chances, I have to admit that Carole (caroleknits) sent me here ;)

    Jackie’s last blog post..Edward (sigh)

  28. blogless sharon says:

    Hey jess. happy b day. and congrats on sock summit . I promised Carole I’d mention her name. I’m partial to the brown bag with blue zip. They are all fab. you are so creative.

  29. Cindy says:

    I’m just a wanna be sock knitter (just started my first with magic loop)and have been looking for a cute bag to carry it around in. These are perfect! I’m partial to the one on the upper left. BTW, Carole sent me!

  30. Mary T. says:

    Happy Birthday! If I had to pick one bag it would by the brown bag with the blue zipper. Or maybe the one on top, no wait the one with the red zipper. That’s it, I can’t decide. Anyway, Happy Birthday again and Congratulation on Sock Summit.

  31. Happy Birthday! Love all the bags, but I think I still love the sock monkey bag the best. We didn’t have to choose one shown in the photo right?

    Erin’s last blog post..Summer Litter

  32. Jeanne says:

    Lovely bags – I really like the orange blossom one – a very pleasing to the eye combo of fabric and lining.

    Congrats on being at Sock Summit – If only I was going….I’d know which aisle to shop first :-)

  33. Viki says:

    Congrats on selling at Sock Summit. That marketplace sounds like it will be killer. Wish I could be there but probably better that I’m not.

    I really like the bag on the bottom right.

    Now I wonder if I can figure out post about this on my twitter.

  34. Heather says:

    My mother, Blogless Sharon told me i HAD to take a peek, and I’m glad I did! I Love the one at 11 o’clock with the orange zipper. Beautiful fabrics on all of them, though. I need to order a few on Etsy even if I don’t win. Great job!

  35. Kitten With A Whiplash says:

    Stitched by JessaLu Box Bag – Michael Miller Tattoo just reached out of the screen and grabbed me. Happy Birthday and congrats on the summit. Nice to ahve a good bud like Karin!

  36. kellie/redplaid says:

    Wow! Good News! I won’t be at Sock Summit but know that exposure there will be a big deal. Congratulations. I have admired your bags from a far and been enticed to comment by your draw. My fav bag at this momment is Alexander Henry Citrus.

    And Happy Birthday!

  37. I said this before, but congratulations! I’m so very excited for you! :)

    And very happiest of birthdays. I hope you have a fantastic day!

    jaya’s last blog post..thank you

  38. BunnyQueen says:

    Congratulations! I have to admit that I’ve been drooling over the Monaluna Cherries bag and trying to figure out if I want the bag or yarn more. Darned budgets. ;)

  39. Leanne says:

    Very cute bags! I like the Cherries in Cherry and Sock Monkeys in Blue. Both patterns are super cute!

  40. A little bird named Carole told me your good news. Congratulations – your bags speak for themselves! My favorite was “My Forrest” in natural, but it was a really hard choice. So many would be happy in my home!

    Barbara-Kay’s last blog post..What cha doin’?

  41. Awesome! I’ll be at SS09 so I’ll keep an eye out for your bags (that is, if they don’t fly off the shelves before I have a chance to see them!)Ann Marie(TheChickswithSticks)linked me to your blog. Its a hard choice but I think the Carnival Bloom box is my favorite!

    Laura Lough’s last blog post..Another BIG Thank You!

  42. Happy birthday … and congratulations! What exciting news!

    Carole sent me over, and oh, it’s hard to choose; but like Margene, I am partial to the bag pictured above, the one with the red zipper.

  43. LeslieEileen says:

    I heard about this on PLURK (my social networking tool of choice over Twitter) from TheChickswithSticks and came right on over! I follow Karin’s blog and yes, she is wonderful and obviously so very thoughtful :)

    I’m in love with the Forest in Natural, although the Amy Butler Brown Lacework is pretty darn nice too.

    Wishing you lots of sales at Sock Summit!

  44. That is so exciting! I hope I win… I hope I win… I hope I win. My favorite posted on the shop page right this minute is Carnival Bloom, though in the photo on the blog, I love the one at the very bottom right even more. You pick the greatest fabrics. I hope you are having a very Happy Birthday – all week!

    Birdsong’s last blog post..100 Books

  45. Oooooh, pull my name, please! I love the one with the orange and turquoise big mums on the left side. Carole for Caroleknits sent me so please put her name in twice!

    I love those bags…congratulations on getting your lovely bags sent to Sock Summit! I’m sure you’ll sell tons of them.

    Sally Knotwell’s last blog post..HAT BOY

  46. Happy Birthday and Congrats.. your bags are beautiful. I heard about this contest from Heather @ paperclips ;) I love the lolli dot in orchid,but they are all gorgeous. Congrats.. off to tweet about this :)

  47. Wow! Contest word gets around quick! I’m so happy you’re going to sock summit! Let’s see… I liked the cherries and the pink circles with a green one thrown in every once in a while.

    I think you were just being ebil and trying to tempt us to buy.

    Stacey’s last blog post..See you on the flip side!

  48. Acadia says:

    Happy Birthday and Congrats on being included in The Sock Summit!

    My fav is the Carnival Bloom.

    Carole sent me.

  49. ~Lynne says:

    I’m comment 99..yeah!! I like the box bag with the choco mint lining! Happy birthday and many more…

  50. Happy birthday! Congratulations!
    You’re going to have 100 posts for sure.

    I was leaning towards the Orange Blossom, but I think at the moment my favorite is Carnival Bloom.

    Cheryl S.’s last blog post..Random Sightings

  51. Happy Birthday and Congratulations!

    It’s difficult to pick just one favorite bag, but my favorite at the moment (for I’ve changed my mind three times since starting this comment!) is the Bright Buds one. I love peeking into the inside of each bag, you are wonderful at coordinating fabrics!

    naiadkitty’s last blog post..Kitten break!

  52. Melanie says:

    Cookie sent me!

    My favorite bag has to be the one with the cherries on it in your etsy shop. I love that fabric. But the new one on the top of your stack above is really awesome too!

  53. Lovely bags… and Happy Birthday! (Yay for fellow July birthday babies!)

    I love the fabric of the top bag in your picture: wonderfully feminine. (I’d love to get a skirt or sun dress in that pattern, it’s so pretty.)

    Iko’s last blog post..Happy New Year 2008!

  54. Happy Birthday and congrats on the bags going to SS09! You have such a great taste in fabric – it’s so hard to choose a favorite – but I think mine is the blue background with the brown and olive polka-dots.

    Oh, Chris AKA StumblingOverChaos sent me here. And I tweeted your link @tattva1knits

    Emily’s last blog post..What I’ve been up to

  55. kelly says:

    Sent by Cookie! I love the mod flowered bag on the left, top side. Hopefully, they won’t be sold out by the time I make it to the marketplace!

  56. Trista says:

    Hi, I would love one (or more) of your cute bags. If I don’t win one, at least there is your etsy shop! Carole sent me! (But I love Margene too!)
    Have a great Sock Summit!

  57. Sharon Clark says:

    Hi yah! Littlelib sent me to your etsy store to look at your Monaluna Cherries in Cherry project bag.
    I’m currently in lust and when the budget allows I will prolly make a purchase.
    But until then I’m hoping she or I can win the bag.

  58. Janice in Camas says:

    Happy Birthday! I have one of your bags and I LOVE it so, of course, I’m in to try for another one. The Michael Miller Tattoo is speaking to me today. Can’t wait for Sock Summit. Thank goodness I’m local or I never would have been able to get there.

  59. Berta says:

    Carole sent me and even though I live on the Texas Gulf Coast I am still a Yankee and have to support New England. (Even if they are not playing nice and sharing the rain.)

  60. La Verna says:

    Happy Birthday! I came over because Cookie said to.My favorite bag is the Vespa Scooters.Reminds me of Eddie Izzard and Italy. Ciao!

  61. Sue says:

    I love your bags. I think my current fav is:
    Alexander Henry Citrus.

    I tried to link to it but my right click (to paste) doesn’t work on this web page. sorry

  62. Hattie says:

    Congratulations, that’s so exciting!

    My favorite is the Forest one with squirrels of course. :)

    I’m sure your bags will be very popular!

  63. Doris says:

    What a fun game! I like more than one bag and can’t decide. I love the Monaluna Cherries bag and I also love the Carnival Flowers Bag. And I have a fondness for the blue sock money bag (I just bought the white one a couple of weeks ago and am loving it!). I am guessing that your bags will sell out at the Sock Summit…they are great.

  64. Happy birthday and congratulations! Carole from CaroleKnits sent me. Your bags are all very lovely! If I had to pick just one, I’d choose the one in the bottom right hand of the picture above.

    Beth’s last blog post..Before and After

  65. Happy Birthday! And congratulations on getting the chance to have your bags at Sock Summit. I have to say I like the bag with the sock monkeys on the blue background. I was given a needle roll and project bag with sock monkeys on a green and a red background, and they are so fun. I found out you were having a contest from Chris at SoC.

    Brenda’s last blog post..Random with a big FO

  66. Colleen says:

    Happy Birthday and Congratulations on your success with your etsy shop and with your bags going to the Sock Summit. Yeah!! All your bags are gorgeous but my favorite is the Orange Blossoms bag.

  67. Vanessa Richards says:

    I was reading Carole’s blog and saw your contest. Sock Summit sounds like crazy fun – women who are wild about knitting and great vendors to visit. Maybe another year… My favorite print is the Amy Butler Olive Lace one. I’m working on bobbin lace during the Tour de France; no knitting until I get the wedding garters done!

  68. LisaK says:

    I love the box bag Marabelle in Slate. They are all gorgeous!! Carole, from Carole Knits sent me.

  69. I hope you’re having a wonderful, sweetie.

    I now love the one on the bottom right with the happy little blue flowers. Although, I really love them all.

    What are you doing tonight?


  70. CaroleP (ohio) says:

    The happiest of Birthday wishes to you!

    CaroleKnits and Cookie sent me – Can’t go to sock summit but would love a bag. The one I “love” today is the brown/aqua zipper, middle right in pic.

    Hope you enjoyed your day!

  71. Happy birthday and congratulations! I found out about this contest from “naiadkitty”. I rather like the Bright Buds pattern, too!

    All the best!

  72. Wow, so cool! Congrats and happy birthday. :D I just checked out your shop and I LOVE the Starry Dots bag–super fun!

    Btw, Cookie (Shut Up and Knit) sent me over here. She has good taste! :)

    Clumsy Knitter’s last blog post..A Better Week (?)

  73. Kathleen says:

    Pick me, Pick me because Carole sent me!! hehe – but I do so love your bags and have been admiring them for a while. Would love to win one :)

  74. DIane Stoddard says:

    Congrats again on Sock Summit & Happy Birthday!
    You know I think your bags are absolutely amazing (that’s why I bought my “precious”) but,
    I would love that beautiful Carnival Bloom to!
    Hope to see you soon

  75. Beverly says:

    Cookie sent me….

    Love the bags, so much more my style than others.

    I want to buy one, but I still can’t decide… Starry Dots or Cute LIL hearts…. decisions…

  76. Gretch says:

    I sure do like that brown one. And it appears that there will definitely be some handspun up for grabs….

    Birthdays come but once a year,
    So I send this message clear.
    Happy birthday Jessalu dear,
    Happy birthday til next year!

  77. Gretch says:

    It won’t let me post a comment? I haven’t said this before…
    Anyway, here from Ms. Crankypants herself!

    Birthdays come but once a year,
    So I send this message clear,
    Happy Birthday, Jessalu dear,
    Happy birthday till next year!

    That brown bag is nice. All of them are nice. handspun is good too!

  78. Gail says:

    Congratulations on your bags going to Sock Summit! The New Stitches bag is my favorite. Birdsong sent me!

  79. Congrats on sending your bags to Sock Summit! As for which bag is my favorite…I think it would have to be the Amy Butler Olive Lacework bag. It’s the one I would have bought if I hadn’t gotten the bag with the apple fabric!

    Brooke’s last blog post..Tour de Fleece & a 6 Month Old

  80. cdnbull says:

    So pretty. Giving credit for thechickswithsticks/sprouty25 credit for plurking this.
    I love your colour choices, but have to say my fave is the Alexander Henry Citrus.
    You have a great talent, it is no wonder you are being featured at Sock Summit

  81. Joan says:

    Hi, Margene sent me! My favorite bag… hard to choose, there are so many cute ones but I think the one I like best is Carnival Bloom.

    Wow, look at all the comments!

  82. ‘My Forest in Natural’ is my favourite – I love that clear, primitive style. And Annie Tarbox has facebooked this, so no wonder you’re getting lots and lots of comments. Such lovely things – I shall go and favourite your Etsy shop.


  83. Joan says:

    I’m back. Cookie sent me this time (Margene didn’t mention it was your birthday).

    Happy Birthday!

    And I still like Carnival Bloom best.

  84. karen says:

    hello, and congratulations on your feature presentation at sock summit! came by on the zeneedle recommendation to see who you are and what you’re up to. interesting bags. can’t wait to see ‘mine’ up close & personal. of the ones you’re showing i like the one on top best. not usually partial to lighter colors (they show dirt faster), but i like that particular fabric better than the others. i’ve bookmarked you so i’ll be stopping in to see more. have a great time at the summit! xoxo karen

  85. MIkell says:

    Happy Birthday. Your bags are beautiful.
    Congratulations on your 100/200 marks. That’s a lot of sewing.I came via Margene

  86. That’s wonderful news – congratulations on all those milestones. And Happy B-Day too. Love your fonts.

    I’m here via Margene.

  87. Elizabeth says:

    Happy Birthday. We’ve got one of those in our house, too.
    I love your bags and choosing a favorite (even just a “today” favorite) is tough. But I’m going with Monaluna Mingle.
    Also here via Margene.

  88. Debbie says:

    Happy Birthday! Margene sent me here. Your bags are all lovely and I think I like “My Forest” best.

  89. Lise says:

    Hi there
    Margene at Zeneedle mentioned you were having a contest. Please count me in. Thanks!

  90. Brenda says:

    Your bags are great! I heard about it on a couple of blogs (Carole, Cookie). Today I love the Starry Dots!

  91. Hi!!! I came here from the lovely Zeneedle!! I would love the one on the bottom right!!

    Congrats on the Sock Summit! Wish I could be there to buy one of your bags!

    P-la’s last blog post..Ugh!!

  92. Suzy says:

    Good morning! Not sure I can pick a fav bag…but the top one in the photo is very nice! Cheers(!!!) to you! PS-Margene sent me:)

  93. Renee says:

    Margene sent me over here! :)
    What a wonderful giveaway!! Definitely my fav bag is the Joel Dewberry Espresso Damask.
    Happy Birthday!

  94. Katinka says:

    Here by way of Zeneedle/Margene!

    All the bags are lovely, but my favorite is the chocolate brown and aqua one. :)

  95. Amy says:

    I’d love to win! I enter every contest I can find but have never had any luck. I read ZENEEDLE every day and found your blog by way of hers! Now I have another daily read. Yey!!

  96. I’ll be at Sock Summit, too, so if I don’t win a bag I’ll be checking them out there! From your shop, I think I like Starry Dots. Congratulations on everything and happy birthday!
    I found you by way of Margene over at Zeneedle.

  97. Well yet another referer from Margene. That lady, she gets around ;-)

    How fabulous for you to display your wares at Sock Summit. I’m beyond excited about the whole thing.

    Monaluna mingle has to be my fav of your boxes right now. That funky retro pattern calls my name.

    Siew’s last blog post..Just about the prettiest thing

  98. Holy Crap! That’s Amazing! Congratulations! My favorite of the bags that you have up is:
    Park Slope Floral Swirl in Turquoise

    Congrats Congrats Congrats Congrats!!!!!!! I’m so very happy for you.

  99. Jenni says:

    Happy belated Birthday! I’m so jealous of your bags, I wish I was going to Sock Summit too.

    I’m coming here via Zeneedle and today I’m like the Amy Butler Chocolate Bright Buds.

  100. Diana says:

    Happy Birthday!

    beautiful bags; hard to pick a favorite, but either Bright Buds or carnival bloom.

  101. Julia says:

    Margene sent me to sign up! Wow – those bags are cuuuute. Hard to pick, but perhaps JD Espresso Damask would be a favorite.

  102. Kellie/redplaid says:

    Oooo, aren’t you generous! I’ve tweeted twice now and heard about the contest upgrade from thepaintedsheep on twitter.

    ps: thanks for the PM. That’s so sweet.

  103. Hi JessaLu,

    Margene from zeneedle sent me. I love your Park Slope Floral Twirl in Turquoise bag. It reminds me of a bedspread I got from my grandmother as a kid. I also like the new prints above with the orange zipper and the red zipper.

    Congratulations on your vicarious trip to sock summit.


    Lauren’s last blog post..I laughed so much I cried

  104. Carole (caroleknits) sent me, and I LOVE THOSE BAGS! I’m pretty new to the knitblog world, so this is my first time here, but I’ll definitely be back.

    How awesome for you getting merch at SS09! I so wish I could go.

    Andrea’s last blog post..Sock = 8, Me = Smackdown

  105. jill says:

    Give CaroleKnits credit for sending me (I saw it on Margene’s, but AFTER Carole! Competitive gals).

    The Citrus bag is awesome. ANY handspun would be beyond awesome, no tear staining. I wouldn’t want to inflict that kind of pain!

  106. Michelle says:

    I found you through Margene’s blog post…congrats on your Etsy and Sock Summit achievements! Your bags are just beautiful–I love the chocolate/turquoise model, though it barely edged out the magenta/olive combo underneath it! :)

  107. Jackie Pope says:

    Margene sent me to your blog to enter the drawing. I love your bags. I especially like the Cherries in Cherries Bag.

    Maia’s Mom

  108. How awesome that your bags are going to be at SS09! I just recently bought a bag from you and I love it! I bought one for my mom too, and she is equally smitten.

    I think my favourite right now is starry dots.

    I have also tweeted about the contest too (greener)

    Heather’s last blog post..Blue

  109. Linda M says:

    Hi, I’ve seen referrals to you on three blogs: Margene, CaroleKnits and Cookie. My favorite bag (today) is: Monaluna Mingle in Summer.

    thanks for doing this and good luck at the Summit.

  110. Jesse Roberts says:

    A friend at work (Ruth Hamlin-Douglas) is a die-hard fan of these bags and I’ve been drooling over them for months. Ruth sent me the link to this give away and the bag I like is the Amy Butler Chocolate Bright Buds :)

  111. Paula D. says:

    I love you bags, they are the cutest . . . and I make my own bags so I’m having some bag envy going on.

  112. Mimi says:

    Craftygirly Lissette referred me! And I hope I win– but if she does, at least I can enjoy her bag vicariously!

    skullsnbats (ravelry)

  113. Rosalia says:

    Hi, Love your bags, definitely a worthwhile item to get for our knitting addiction! I love your carnival bloom bag, the colors are very unique and rich. Margene sent me over to check out your contest. Rosalia

  114. Bev says:

    Margene sent me over and I’m glad she did, your bags are beautiful. Picking a favorite is not easy, but the Starry Dots is especially cute. Congrats on Sock Summit. Any chance you’ll be at Stitches Midwest this fall?

  115. Renee says:

    Happy birthday! Nice of you to give US the presents! Was sent here by Margene. Like the “My Forest in Natural” bag. Good luck with your sales at the Sock Summit. Your bags ought to sell like hotcakes! R.

  116. Happy birthday! I was referred here by both Sairy and Littlelib–does that mean they both get an extra chance? ;-)

    http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=23741349 This bag–the Alexander Henry Mirabelle in Slate–I love, but you have so many pretty blues and green and–well, everything–it’s hard to pick!

    If I had a Twitter account, I would totally tweet about it, but instead I have Plurk. :-( Well, I’m not sad about having a Plurk account–I love it–but I consider it social networking favoritism. ;-) Plus that way Littlelib would get more chances (I think she’s already plurked it 3 times!), and so would Sairy. (Love my Plurkbuds!) Have I convinced you? No? Well, it was worth a try. :-D

    Constance’s last blog post..Wake up!

  117. Meesh says:

    My favorite (today) is the Michael Miller Tatoo design. I may need to look for some of that fabric for quilting…

  118. OK, I’m a newbie to your blog, sent by Margene. I almost never, ever, ever enter blog contests because I just, I don’t know, I feel weird about it. But I love the red and white bag on top so much that I must enter. I have no choice. I hope I win. And I hope your bags have fun at the summit.

    Katherine’s last blog post..A hunnert bucks

  119. Linda S says:

    I love your bags. My favorite is Orange Blossoms. I found your through Margene and Shut Up And Knit. Happy Birthday!!

  120. maeve says:

    My favorite of your bags is the Vanilla Damask, I think, although I really love the eggplant one too. I found you through zeneedle.

  121. Lee Kruser says:

    Hi JessaLu, I didn’t know about you until Zeneedle sent me over to check out your contest. How do people choose just one bag? they’re all so cute! If you pinned me down I’d have to say My Forest In Natural – restful without being dull. Now that I know about you I’ll be a regular visitor. Thanks

  122. Manise says:

    Give Cookie a point since I linkied through her. Hope your birthday was wonderful!

    I like Carnival Bloom.

  123. I’m here to comment because Margene sent me! Congratulations on the Big Vend (is that a word?) opportunity for your beautiful bags at Sock Summit.

    Norma’s last blog post.."Hey Mom……

  124. Patti says:

    My fav is Orange blossoms, and I came by way of Margene’s blog. Thanks for the give a way

  125. Jill says:

    Congratulations on Sock Summit. I know many of us wish we could be there! My favorite bag is the Cherries since I’m a real sucker for pink.

  126. Congratulations on hitting the big time! I love all the bags, but the one in the second row, on the left, is my favorite, I think … at least for today. :-)

    Bridget’s last blog post..Short

  127. Kathy says:

    LOve the bags and the website! I found your blog through Margene’s blog. Good luck at the Sock Summit. My favorite bag is the Park Slope floral swirl in turquoise.

  128. Jan says:

    Margene sent me, and I came! Thanks for the contest!

    My favorite bag is the Monaluna Cherries in Cherry. Surprising, because blue is my favorite color, and Starry Dots was my second thought, but I really liked the cherries the best!

    Congrats on being at Sock Summit! I wish I was going!

  129. Amy says:

    I love the My Forest in Natural bag. Wish I could go to the sock summit and see the bags and yarn in person!

  130. Wendy says:

    Sorry I did not get to talk to you on Tuesday. Congratulations on the Sock Summit deal. I wish you all the luck possible with selling all the bags that you send and getting many more orders. Hope your birthday was fabulous. My favorite bag in your shop is: Tina Given’s Sunset Veranda in Eggplant. See you next weekend.

  131. Jean says:

    I think my pick today is Orange Bloosems and Zeneedle,s Blog sent me. Thanks for your giveaways. Jean

  132. Diane says:

    I heard about your contest from A View from Sierra Country.

    I like the Tattoo bag.

    Pick me!!


  133. I will try to say hello to your bags at Sock Summit. I like several but the Sunset Veranda in Eggplant (?) caught my eye because it was an unusual but elegant combination.

  134. marcy says:

    hey, great news! your bags rock! i have seen them around and do love the carnival bloom myself too!
    good luck and wish i could be there!
    ps. margene sent me over!
    off to tweet it!

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