…the one with all the spinning.

Sick of bags yet?  Yes?  No?  Either way, today you get my spinning from the past three days:

Three days of spinning

From Left to Right, Mud Season, Rose…something (no tag, got it from Amy at Cummington last year) and Think Spring!  There’s still a heckuva lot of fluff in that bin though, something tells me that I will not be reaching my TDF goals this year.  However, I have made almost 50 bags in the past week and a half so if it weren’t for Sock Summit I probably would have come a lot closer.  I still have two days left though…anyone have a time turner I can borrow?

I took the photo on the iPhone, not sure if I like what I did to it to make it all dark and gloomy… ;o)

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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17 thoughts on “ECF…

  1. Since your bobbins are different sizes, can I assume you’re spinning on two different wheels? (I don’t have a wheel, yet, but I assume bobbins have to be the same length for each particular wheel.)

  2. I want the middle one!


    Great spinning, Jess! I can’t believe you’ve made time to spin while sewing like a crazy person.

  3. You know, I was tempted to pout and make a comment on how I haven’t seen you in FOR-EVAH, but seriously? You totally get a pass. I’m so, so proud of you for getting all those bags done.

  4. Anne says:

    Impressive…all that spinning and tons of sewing! Can’t wait to see your bags at Sock Summit!

  5. Pretty, pretty yarn. I see Cookie has put in her request already. :D I’m so out of the loop I don’t know when TdF ends or the sock summit begins. /sigh

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