Tour de Fleece…

…#majorfail.  *sigh*

To catch you up, I set out to spin all my Spunky Club fiber that has been sitting in my stash since 2007.  Roughly 15 packages of 4 oz of fiber (one 2 oz of merino/tussah tencel).  I wanted to empty this bin:

Tour de Fleece 2009 Goal

I did not empty the bin.  In fact, I am willing to swear that bin has some kind of magical regeneration properties because the level of fiber in the bin never seemed to get any lower.  Seriously frustrating.

I spun?  Seven.

Tour de Fleece Final Results

If I have to only count the skeins that were finished and plied then I spun five.  It’s more fiber than I’ve ever spun in that space of time, though, if that counts for anything.  ;o)  Want a list?  Okay…

Party Dress – 236 yards – 4 oz

Aspen – 120 yards – 2 oz

Acadia – 266 yards – 4 oz

Pie for Everyone – 246 yards – 4 oz

Rose…something – 312 yards – 4 oz

Think Spring! – ? yards (not plied) – 4 oz

Mud Season – ? yards (not plied) – 4 oz

My totals are 1,180 yards of plied yarn and 26 ounces of fiber total.

Okay maybe not a #majorfail but I definitely fell short.  ;o)


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28 thoughts on “Tour de Fleece…

  1. That is not a fail!

    That’s a huge amount of spinning during a short amazingly busy time. I think you should be proud of yourself, sweetie, and I am your fearless leader. :p


  2. Hattie says:

    Yeah that’s not a fail! I didn’t spin ONE day and I really meant to. No room right now to have the wheel out.

  3. Manise says:

    I second Cookie. So not a fail! Fiber has a wonderful way of packing down into a small space. Then it remembers how fluffered up it was originally (remember the memory thing?) and pops up like a jack-in-o-box as each one is removed. Love the skeins!

  4. I agree with everyone else, not a major fail at all. I think it is amazing that you got so much spinning done, while working feverishly on getting bunches of bags done! You have a very pretty basket of…well…pretty there. Good job!

  5. My goal was to spin 32 oz and I spun 24. Not a failure but not what I wanted either. You also made something like eleventy gazillion box bags, though, so you’ve got a fairly good excuse.

  6. Still impressive results and its not like you had nothing else to do! You were far more successful than I. You at least spun ;)

  7. Very impressive! I think I’m lucky if I can spin 4 oz in a month and that’s with nothing else going on to distract me;).

  8. That’s an awful lot of yarn spun to even start bandying words like “fail” around. And when you have a regenerating bin? IMPRESSIVE results.

  9. DIane Stoddard says:

    Not that my 2 cents is worth much..ok maybe 2 cents, but I think you did a wonderful job! And most of all, what you spun is beautiful!!! I know this wasn’t the thing on your plate right now so give yourself a little credit there girly. You know that you rock in my book any day!

  10. Well, I think you’ve done a smashing job! They are all beautiful. I’m surprised your wheel didn’t cower in the corner when it realized your master plan.

  11. Eh – don’t feel bad. I still have all those same colorways sitting in my bin waiting to be spun. At least you got something accomplished~

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