Want to know more…

…about my ‘spinning life’?

Go here.  ;o)

…and leave a comment, k?  The author would like to show the Times Union editors that there really are fiber people out there that really read the Fiber Arts blog.  Thanks!  See you tomorrow!


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6 thoughts on “Want to know more…

  1. Manise says:

    Just got back from Harriet’s- great interview! Didn’t realize you and I started spinning at the same time, had the same teacher and graduated to a wheel pretty quickly thereafter!

  2. JessaLu says:

    @Sarah: Thank you!

    @Manise: I guess we’re fiber twins! ;o))

    yes! That’s me spinning for the very first time! ;o)

  3. Jess, thanks for sending everyone over there. I saw the moderator of the blog today. She said, “Great interview! Great idea!”

    Thank you again for being my first ‘subject’.

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