It’s Heavenly…

…to knit with handspun.  I had forgotten.  ;o)

I needed something simple to knit for WOOL, something I could carry around with me and take out to keep my hands busy while waiting in line for meals or sitting at the table or sitting in the living room area when spinning wasn’t doing it for me.  I thought and thought and couldn’t decide what pattern would work…

…then I saw the basket.  I grabbed a skein of handspun:

Isle Caribe - Merino

wound it up into a ball, grabbed a pair of #3 needles and stuck the whole mess into one of my project bags.  I cast on for a toe-up sock on Thursday afternoon and by yesterday I had this:

Isle Caribe Sock in Progress

Not bad for a weekend’s worth of knitting.  ;o)  I’m totally in love and want to knit more and more with my handspun!

p.s. The shop is open after being shut for my weekend away!

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22 thoughts on “It’s Heavenly…

  1. Love the sock… don’t you just love it when a sock just appears? :)

    do you ever have say… giraffe fabric… for a very giraffe-lovin’ person (ahem: me)?

  2. Oh boy! Lookie at that sock – fantastic! Love the stripes and the colours.
    One day I’ll get to knit the sock yarn I’ve spun but not yet! By the end of the month I have a shop top to knit (blah), the second of Nathan’s birthday socks and an oversized man’s sweater of yarn to spin up and start knitting (why did I marry such a big bloke? Thank goodness his feet are tiny in comparison!).

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