Friday’s Eye Candy…

…on Tuesday.  ;o)

I just couldn’t get it together to post this on Friday (or, apparently, on Monday) but I don’t think you’ll mind since it’s a pretty.  ;o)  Here is the handspun I produced while at WOOL:

Tibetan Dreams Handspun

This is Tibetan Dreams from Crown Mountain Farms (very old colorway, from when Teyani was still dyeing for them), 428 yards, 2-ply fingering weight.  I spun the singles prior to WOOL and plied it on Risa’s electric spinner while there.  ;o)  This hank is ginormous!  Almost as big as my HEAD!

Orchard Handspun

This is Orchard from Spunky Eclectic, Merino/Silk, 250ish yards, 2-ply DK weight.  I finished spinning the singles at WOOL and then plied from a center pull ball while there.

Grand Opening Handspun

Last but not least we have Grand Opening from Spunky Eclectic, Superwash Merino, 236 yards, Navajo plied DK weight.  I spun these singles prior to WOOL on Emma (my Symphony) and plied them while there.

I did a heckuva lot of plying while at WOOL, can ya tell? ;o)

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20 thoughts on “Friday’s Eye Candy…

  1. I love that last one more than words can say, I have an embarrasingly fervent passion for it. Of course, it all looks great, but seriously. Mmm…

  2. They’re all so very pretty! The top one screams, “Gryffindor!” Then again, I’ve been knitting Harry Potter socks to the point that my brain cells are all semi-functioning and I see house elves out of the corner of my eye. Did Dobby move out west perchance?

  3. such pretty handspun! how did you like using the electric spinner? so many people tell me i need to get one because of my knee problems.

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