…the one with the weird clematis.  ;o)

Here is one of my favorite clematis plants in my garden, it’s called ‘Princess Diana’:

Princess Diana Clematis

It looks so weird…yet so cool.  ;o)

Speaking of cool, I hope you’re all beating the heat (if you have heat)!  Just keep in mind, at least it’s NOT. RAINING. ;op  Have a great weekend!

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16 thoughts on “ECF…

  1. That’s a beauty!
    I keep reminding myself not to complain about the heat after all the rain and cold we had for so much of the summer but honestly the 90% humidity is more than I can stand.

  2. That’s not what I expect when you mention a garden clematis. Then again, it is blushing and a little shy looking.
    We have a 20% chance of thunderstorms this weekend! Us! Where the skies are supposed to be clear and sunny from May to September :-P

  3. LOL! I love it when I post a picture and yours is similar. Well, in this case, better! (I gotta get a tripod).

    Thunderstorm coming here soon!

  4. What a beautiful clematis! I’ve never seen one quite like that.
    It won’t rain here until the end of October or early November (and hasn’t rained since April). I’d like a little rain!

  5. I have the same clematis and it went wild this spring/summer. It stopped blooming in late July. Now the sweet autumn clematis is in full bloom and it smells heavenly.

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