Coming to an LYS near you…

…well, if you live in the Albany area, that is.  ;op

It’s official!  Stitched by JessaLu bags are officially being sold at The Spinning Room in Altamont, NY!  Here are my babies all ready to go:

On their way...

*sniffle* it’s so hard to see them grow up and leave the nest, isn’t it?  Liz (the owner) picked out ten bags so if you are in the mood for a bag and are in the area of Altamont, go show your SbJL support!  Thank you!  :o)

My bags will also be making an appearance at the NJ fiber fest which is the second weekend of September.  I’m sending them with a friend so I’m not sure where the show is but when it gets closer I’ll put up more details.

Also, I’ll have a knitting update for you guys soon, promise!

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25 thoughts on “Coming to an LYS near you…

  1. Hmmmm… too bad I’m of to WI Sheep and Wool. I haz family in your area. If my did knew the depth of my fiber depravity, I’d make him go and search you out.

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