Ten on Tuesday…

…the one with all the 10 reasons why you hate to travel (in no particular order other than the first one):

1. My biggest reason I hate to travel?  Germs.  I always get sick when I travel (mostly because I work from home, don’t leave the house much and therefore don’t have much of a defense system in place).  It sucks to fly to Florida and then have a cold the entire week you’re there.

2.  All the people – I hate crowds.  A lot.

3.  Waiting.  All the waiting.

4.  While waiting, listening to RR complain that if I had let him drive us, we wouldn’t be waiting, we’d be making headway on actually getting there.  *sigh*

5.  Missing my furkids.  ;o)

6.  Hotel beds – seriously.  It’s like sleeping on a freaking piece of plywood.  ugh.

7.  Did I mention the germs?  Oh good so I don’t need to explain this one.  Hotel bathrooms.  *shudder*  (yes, I pack Lysol.  What?! at least I don’t pack my own sheets – and yes I know people that do.  ;op)

8.  Packing.  I always manage to forget SOMETHING.

9.  Weird hotel TVs that go back to the ‘home channel’ when you shut them off – and that channel always ends up being the local version of Fox so when you turn on the TV in the morning you get to watch Fox news for 5 minutes before you realize the zombies have begun trying to eat your brain.

10.  When the thing I forgot to pack was the knitting/spinning project I REALLY wanted to work on instead of the crap I actually brought with me.  ;op

Okay that’s it – what are your 10 reasons you hate to travel?

p.s. I forgot to put a link to a Sherman Heel tutorial in yesterday’s post so…here it is!

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14 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday…

  1. Let’s not forget how the TV’s BLAST the volume when they come on and even if they give you a “guide”, you won’t be getting 80% of those channels in your room.

    The 4am sound of the hotel (Hampton Inn) sliding the newspaper under your door. It wakes me up and scares the crap out of me

    Always getting the room next to the rowdy baseball team, or family with 7 kids that think bouncing into the adjoining door is FUN…at 1am.

    Never getting the temperature in the room correct so you’re always too cold – and have forgotten to pack something cozy for the room.

    Yeah, I’ve been traveling too much lately.

  2. Even though we are going to Italy (Tuscany!) this fall, I’m dreading the “getting there and back” part of the trip. I used to love flying, but it gets worse every day, it seems. The indignities, the crowds, the officious TSA agents…..oy.

    But, I agree with Carole….we’ve stayed in hotels lately that have WONDERFUL beds, with pillow top mattresses, duvets that they wash every day (instead of those tacky bedspreads) and seriously lovely pillows. I still always bring my own! But, basically I’m growing to hate travel.

  3. People. Strange beds/pillows. Tiny semi-trained humans. Feeling lost in a new location. People. Having someone be shocked that you’re not a blond with a huge rack because you tell them you’re from California. (Then telling them you’re not a slut, either, but that was the fun part.) People. Not knowing where the ladies is. Annoyingly loud Americans whining about how Paris isn’t one big Holiday Inn and how all the signs are in French.

    Did I mention people?

    Oh, and I’m right there with you on the germs thingy. Thank goodness for Clorox wipes.

  4. Anne says:

    Um, I love to travel. I don’t mind cheap hotel rooms, don’t think about germs at all. I don’t even mind airports, cuz it means I’m having an adventure. I love it all!

  5. As Cookie has already listed–people. Also, I am away from home, and sometimes that stresses me. It seems like I either pack too much or too little.

  6. Number 1 is my main reason. We once picked up the stomach flu on the way to FL. Someone was sick the entire time we were there. I managed to go last and flew home sick. Not fun.

  7. OK, I freely admit to being odd. But truthfully I like to travel. Yes, airport experiences are no longer a joy and I feel bad for kids who don’t get to go up to the cockpit and see the pilot anymore, but really, I don’t mind travel one bit. Even though I can never sleep in a hotel bed the first night I pretty much just let it slide since I love going to new places and meeting new people.

    If I hate anything about travel it would be having to sit in the middle seat on an airplane and having the other 2 people give me no space at all. I don’t really hate it but it smacks me as rude… But that only happens when I am travelling on business and haven’t got enough notice to book early. I even like dealing with the people. I tend to like people so it’s not so bad.

  8. Susie B says:

    I love to travel but hate the hassle of packing, airport hassles if we’re flying. Absolutely hate the smaller seats in planes. I try not to think about the germs but carry Purell all the same. I’m one of the ones Cookie hates–I’ll be traveling with 3 (count them 3!) tiny ones (3 and under) next summer as a 3-generation family vacation.

  9. I like travelling over all, but I find I’m a *lot* less stressed out if I can drive or take the train instead of flying. Particularly if it’s a short-distance train where there’s more than one of its route per day. Otherwise, I get all caught up in hurry-up-and-wait stress, which is especially frustrating on the way home from a relaxing vacation.

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