If you are in New Jersey…

…this weekend, stop by the NJ Fiber Festival and say howdy to my bags, k?  Here they are all ready to go…

Stitched Bags for NJ

They will be found at the Seekay/Zarzuela/as yet unnamed yarn company owned by my friend Tina’s booth.  I hope they find good homes!  ;o)  Also, since I have you here, I’m going to take a moment to announce that I’m taking a bit of a break.  The shop will be closed until the 22nd but will be reopening with new prints!  Owls!  Monkeys in Pajamas!  Can you stand it?  ;o)

Speaking of as-yet-unnamed yarn company, Tina needs some help with that. If you can, please go over there and see if you can help her figure out a good one.  There’s yarn in it for you…

There’s been some knitting going on around here, too!  I’ve been working on my Aestlight Shawl and I cast on for a sweater that I’m hoping to finish before Rhinebeck rolls around:

Twist - the beginning

That would be Twist by ChicKnits (the pattern is on my new Sony Reader – my reward for the 100+ box bags I’ve sewn over the past month.  I love it beyond reason and am very happy I went with it and not a Kindle.  Mostly because it comes in red.  hehe).  The yarn is Dream in Color Classy in the Midnight Derby colorway (it’s a bit darker than in the photo).  I’m most of the way through the swatch, er, first arm and I’m very, very happy with it so far!

Now that the big rush for festival bags is over I’m hoping I’ll be able to spend more time with Twist…I’m looking forward to my self-imposed break over the next week and a half!  ;o)

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14 Responses to “If you are in New Jersey…”

  • Your bags are going to be a big hit, I just know it! I can’t wait to set them up on my table. :)

    And thank you so much for letting folks know about my name prdicament. I appreciate any and all help!

    (And as a note, you don’t have to use the seed words listed, let the graphic inspire you.)

  • Honey, you have more than earned a rest.


  • Anne:

    Are you enjoying Twist? I thought it was a fun knit. Love the color!

  • Are they anywhere near PA? I’m heading out there this weekend and could pick up another one or two :)

  • No way, you can put a pattern on your Reader? That’s FANTASTIC!

  • karyn:

    how about unnamed yarn company? hehe

  • You’re going to love Twist! Are you alternating skeins of yarn? I did when I knit Hannah’s February Lady Sweater with the Dream in Color.

  • I don’t know if we’ll make it to the festival this year, but if I do, you KNOW I’ll be looking at your bags!

  • Manise:

    I’ve had that sweater in my queue for well over a year. It’s a really comfy knit.

  • It looks like you have some loveliness to keep you company while you take your well-deserved break. I hope you find some time for rest, too!

  • Lovely twist, I adore the color, have loads of fun knitting it.

  • Your bags look awesome-I am sure they won’t be coming back home to you! I finally did some knitting this weekend. My wrist was sore, but I kept at it (with plenty of breaks) I was messing around with some squeaky yarn and really wished I had found my bin with all my nice stuff. I am very excited to get to knitting again-with the weather cooling off and my hubby just finishing up my porch. *sigh* heaven.

  • Congratulations on your bags, you little entrepreneur of the cottage industry. They’re great.

    And I didn’t know there WAS a Sony Reader. I barely learned about the Kindle. Nice red!

  • Love the pattern and the color of your Rhinebeck sweater. I hope that I get to see it in person.

    My daughter has a Kindle and loves it very mucvh but I agree that it would be way cooler in a color other than white. I’d love to see one in black or, better yet, midnight blue.

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