Ten on Tuesday…

…the one with all the cool stuff.  ;o)

This week’s list is all about the ten things you think are cool, so shall we?

1.  Campgrounds that have WiFi.  and cable.

2.  RR (duh)  ;op

3.  Lighting fireworks with a flare, NOT a button.  ;o)

4.  Getting stopped on the way out of town while towing the camper.  So the officer could check when we’re returning and they can keep a closer eye on the house.  (LOVE that!)

5.  People who use a ’72 Chevy to tow their camper.

6.  Geeks.

7.  Cruising in Lake George (I took this video on Saturday night)

8.  Spinning in public (I LURVE freaking out the muggles – and I did it all weekend at the car show!)

9. My Sony Reader – I have read more library books in the past week than I’ve read in the past five years.  It’s AWESOME!

10.  My TiVo/DVR.  I love it beyond reason – I even bought a 1 TB hard drive for it so I can record MORE stuff – in HD!  ;o)

That’s my list!  So tell me, what things do you think are cool?

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