…the one with the history.

First, thank you all for your interest in the contest over at Cris’!  She had an awesome turnout – and there are now a heckuva lot more people in the new Stitched Ravelry group!  Yay!

Now, on to our regularly scheduled program:

During the demolition, we uncovered the original door frame of our house.  It was attached using hand forged nails:

Nail ...

It’s staying uncovered.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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17 thoughts on “ECF…

  1. JessaLu says:

    @Christina We think it was built in the late 1700’s – RR says that probably isn’t the original door frame since they didn’t use nails very often back then. It’s post and beam construction and if you look at the beams you can see the wood plugs they used to hold parts of it together.

  2. That is so cool!!! The house we’re moving into is post and beam construction…hand forged nails..Yeah, I’d be leaving that exposed too.

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