*tap* *tap*

…is this thing on?

Holy wow has it really been 2 weeks since my last post?  It’s been crazy around here – I’ve been sewing my butt off for Rhinebeck (my bags were at the Spinning Room booth!) so I haven’t had much time for blogging or blog reading.  Hopefully now that the festival rush is over I’ll have more time to spend going through my mountain of unread blog posts in the RSS feed reader!

I owe you a Rhinebeck post – I was there!  My bags were there!  A few people even bought some! I bought a bunch of stuff! – but here is a bit of a taste of what I saw there:

Rhinebeck 2009 - Pumpkins

Cool pumpkins, eh?  ;o)  I’ll be back soon with a post on the cool stuff I purchased there (yak fiber!) and the people I saw, I promise!

p.s.  There are new prints up in the shop! ;o)

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17 thoughts on “*tap* *tap*

  1. Not only did I miss your bags at Rhinebeck, but I missed you too!!! Although a sighting of you was rumored but you were gone in a flash. :( Can’t wait to hear (and of course, SEE) more about your time at Rhinebeck!

  2. Can’t wait to see more about Rhinebeck. I didn’t go this year, so I’ll have to live through everyone’s posts! The pumpkins look great. I’m sure it was an awesome time.

  3. I saw your bags, but didn’t get one as I ran out of money. I need to get over to the store to get one. I loved those pumpkins! my daughter was mesmerized.

  4. I missed it this year. Oh well. I bought Yak fiber there last year and it is so soft. I am knitting some fingerless gloves with it now. I will post pics on the blog when I am done with them this week.

    Looking forward to seeing pics when you get to post them. Cool pumpkins!

  5. I swear, one of these days I’m going to buy one of your bags … just, um, not in the next few weeks. Money’s a little extra tight, what with the move! It was great seeing you on Saturday, Jess!

  6. I’m so happy you and your bags made it to Rhinebeck..the folks that bought your bags left a happy shopper. I love mine and it goes every place with me..with a project and a story!
    Actually one of my friends(local) was there and she had just seen my sockmonkey bag before leaving, therefore I know if she saw one there..she bought it..if not..I’ll be making another purchase.

  7. Who let you away from the sewing machine?! ;^)

    Yak is the new trendy fiber, isn’t it? Figures. I’ve got llama waiting for me. *L*


  8. What’s this “some people” bought your bags..???? by 1:30 pm on SATURDAY she sold 18 of the 29 she had on display, that means she had less than a day’s worth of bags for sale.. if my math is right..

    Congrats Jess, you are truly nationwide ;-)

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