Was, of course, wonderful.  There was a weather ‘issue’ and it was a little chilly but it was warm and not raining in the barns which was all I cared about.  ;o)

I’m having trouble coming up with a cohesive post since there is so. much. so I’m going to completely steal from Carole and go with a random post.  Ready?

I had a great time walking around with Risa, Carole, Sharon, Kathy, Manise, Kim and Hillary on both days.  Saturday was ohmygawd crowded but Sunday was pretty awesome.

Seeing lots of my friends on both daysunfortunately only for quick moments. (and some I did not see at all…some I heard rumors of their attendance and some I did see but completely forgot to link to since I kinda suck at the remembering thing…sorry…)

Blurry Sheep...

Dinner at the Coyote Grill on Saturday night was totally worth arriving home at midnight in a semi-comatose state (only to get up at some ungodly hour on Sunday to do it all again).  I had the *somewordIcan’tpronouncebutSharondidsothewaitressfiguredoutwhatIwanted* tuna.  Yum.  I looked forward to having that dish for a whole year (I had it last year).

Autumn colors

Rhinebeck Color

Rhinebeck Color

The shopping.  I didn’t do too much on Saturday:

Rhinebeck Purchases - Day 1

…but I made up for it on Sunday:

Rhinebeck Purchases - Day 2

ETA:  I’ve been totally busted.  The green and blue skein of yarn in the first picture?  There are actually 20 skeins total.  Enough for two sweaters.  *ahem*  and the Abby Batts were in the Carolina Homespun booth where Morgaine could keep a close eye on them.  ;o)

My favorite purchase?  The Abby batt (in the plastic baggie) and my new spindle.  Olive wood.  So pretty…

Jazzy’s favorite purchase?

I...smell...BACON!  ;o)

The bacon flavored treats I bought because I had to leave them home and crated all day.  :o(

The rain kinda sucked on Sunday and I thought it was fitting that this was what was playing when I got in the car to drive to the fairgrounds:

Unfortunately, this is how Sunday began...

I met Guido of ‘It’s a Purl Man‘ fame on Sunday and did a little voice blurb thingy from the fest.  (mine is the Oct 18 2:30 pm one)

by Sunday most of these:

Bags for Rhinebeck

had found new homes!  ;o)

I think that covers it?  Who knows, I probably missed like eleventeen really important things that happened – my brain was so fried from exhaustion that when I got home on Sunday?  I slept for three. hours.

Okay…going to go pet my new spindle…

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17 Responses to “Rhinebeck!”

  • I think you covered it just fine. How did you ever find the zauberballs? lol

  • YEAH! I’m so glad the sales went well for you. :D I would totally do Rhinebeck if I wasn’t morally opposed to cold.
    .-= Stacey´s last blog ..Thwacked Yak =-.

  • Look at that chicken bag just poking it’s head out – oh oh oh ……

    I have noticed a lot of blogs with the title Rhinebeck – and not being from the East coast I had no idea what people were talking about (well until your blog). Thanks for clearing it up for me!
    .-= Christina Scovel´s last blog ..Sicily Starts? =-.

  • That just about sums it up! You should totally ‘fess up to the part in that first loot photo where those two skeins represent two whole sweater’s worth of yarn. Just sayin’.

    I love the look on Jazzy’s face!

    Congrats on the good sales, I knew you could do it. :)
    .-= Tina M.´s last blog ..Rhinebeck 2009: Part III (The Loot) =-.

  • Manise:

    I agree with Tina M- many more of those green and blue skeins were bought sistah! Your summation of what was Rhinebeck is spot on. So where did you find the Abby Batts??

  • The tuna was dead, right? To me, that’s all the matters. :p

    I’m so glad you had fun and got to hang with friends, but I wanna know what outfit you saw that was so shocking!

    Well, that and what did you bring me? ;^)
    .-= Cookie´s last blog ..Hai! (I have a stress headache & am ready to snap) =-.

  • Those are super cute fabrics you used on your bags- love both the monkeys and apples!

  • Those are your purchases?! *thud*

  • Ha! Busted. That must have been Apple whatever. Seems they got cleaned out by locusts.

    Congrats on the bag sales! I saw you so briefly….

  • Risa:

    Congrats on the awesome sales. I knew they’d go like that!

    I could live without the ohmygawdthecrowds next year and might limit my visit to Sunday but it was fun to hang with ya on saturday :) I’m still amazed how we managed to time our arrival so that you were only a handful of cars behind me.

  • That does it! Next year, I am going shopping with you, because you find the most awesome stuff. I better start saving up now…

  • I’ve been reading all these Rhinebeck posts and I’m dying of jealousy just over the yarn you all bought. Pretty pretty yarn. Lots of yarn. Yarn purchases that are sizes of my whole stash. Yarn I would roll around in, if I could afford all of it. Darn childcare expenses equalling two car payments. Grumble.

    Congratulations on the bag sales. They are so unique and pretty there’s no way they wouldn’t sell well.

  • I’m glad your bags did well. I’m jealous, jealous, jealous. An Abby batt, Into the Whirled, olive wood spindle…Rhinebeck. Lucky.

  • Looks like a fine wrap-up to me! It was great to see you. And you bought more than I did, if I don’t count Miss B’s Ladybug.

  • Awesome haul! Hey, we should’ve hooked up! Next year for sure!

  • That’s a great haul. There are some real treats in there. It was so much easier to shop on sunday without the crowds.

  • I’m jealous that you got to me Guido :-)

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