Ten on Tuesday…

…the one with all the…stuff I wish I knew how to do.

Handspun - Spunky Club

This week, the ToT assignment is ‘Ten Things you wish you knew how to do’.  I’m having trouble with this one because I was raised to have the outlook that I can do pretty much anything I can put my mind to.  I’m going to give it a shot though…ready?  Okay, in no particular order:

1.  Remember grammar rules.  I *know* there are times I screw up my grammar on here – thank you all for not pointing it out to me.  ;op

2.  Time turning…there are times that I really wish I could find another hour (or twelve) in the day.  (esp. this week – hello?  Vending on Saturday in VT and I have all of eight bags ready to go.  *gulp*)

3.  More confidence fixing my sewing machine – one of the reasons I only have eight bags ready to go right now?  The old girl does not like it when it’s chilly (the sewing machine…not me, heh)

4.  Hook up surround sound.  I can program a web site, set up wireless networking and do a somewhat good job with graphic design but don’t ask me how my TV works.  ;o)

5.  Be less of a control freak.

6.  Read faster.  I won’t even tell you how bad my book backlog is right now.  (also, see number 2…that might help with the reading thing)

7.  Knit faster.  Actually, at this point I need to find my knitting mojo.  I’ve had a mostly done Twist sleeve sitting next to me every night for two weeks with no urge to pick it up whatsoever.  It’s kind of sad, actually.  (and the major reason why you haven’t seen a knitting update from me in…oh…say two weeks.)

8.  Not get sick.  Another reason why I only have eight bags?  I was so sick last week it wasn’t funny.  No, it wasn’t H1N1, but I did cough a lot and I did lose my voice for a couple days (R was SO. HAPPY.  *eyeroll*) and I felt that it wouldn’t be nice to be making bags with all that ick floating around so I stayed out of the sewing room.  You’re welcome.  ;op

9.  Finish this list…

That’s it, I give up, eight is all I have right now…time to sew some more bags!

That pretty yarn up there is some handspun I finished a while back – it’s two-ply and a Spunky Club fiber but I don’t remember the colorway or the fiber type though I want to say Corriedale. It has been named!  Amy says it’s Thermograph and BFL (thanks!)  It has since moved on to its new, loving home in the Brooklyn area.  ;o)