Ten on Tuesday…

…the one with all the interesting conversations.  ;o)

This week, ToT is officially asking for a list of 10 things you are thankful for – since I (and a few others) are already making weekly ‘thankful’ lists, Carole suggested that we come up with a list of 10 Guests (Real or Fictional) You’d Like To
Invite For Thanksgiving Dinner.  Ready?  Okay, in no particular order…

1.  Elizabeth Zimmerman.  I would love to ask her if she ever hit a knitting slump and how she managed to get herself back in the game.  ;o)

2.  George Lucas.  Just so I can ask him what the hell he was thinking with the whole JarJar thing.

3.  Mike Rowe.  So I can ask him to take his shirt off.  ;o)

4.  Colin Firth.  (see above..*ahem*)

5.  Barbara Walker.  Same question as #1  ;o)

6.  RR’s Mom, Elsie.  To ask her if she ever managed to get him to eat a vegetable that wasn’t corn.  or broccoli with cheese. to thank her for training him to put the toilet seat down and put his underpants in the hamper (most of the time), and to tell her that I’m sorry she won’t be able to be at our wedding other than in spirit.

7.  My paternal grandmother.  To have her do some butt-kicking for me.  I’ve been less than impressed with how some of my family responded to the news of my long-awaited engagement.  (lets just say that some were so concerned about a cousin’s wedding overlapping mine that they didn’t take my feelings into consideration when they reminded me of his impending nuptials)

8.  Jane Austen.  To remind me that people are people and that I need to find humor in being reminded to not rain on my cousin’s parade a mere five seconds after telling my family that I’m engaged after a 10-year wait.  (not once, but twice.  We won’t talk of the third time, either.)

9.  Alton Brown.  Because he’s awesome.

10.  The guy who built my house.  So I can ask him what the hell he was thinking, what parts came first and what he thinks of the place today.  ;o)

So that’s it, my list.  Tell me, who would you invite to Thanksgiving Dinner?

(The Southern VT Fiber thing on Saturday was awesome!  I sold enough bags to make the trip worth it and had a great day with R and some friends.  The new prints are up in the shop now if you’re interested!)

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14 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday…

  1. I didn’t put Jane Austen on my list because I knew she’d be invited to your house and I didn’t want to make her choose. As for your family, well. Are you truly surprised?

  2. good list. I’ve always wondered if Dan proposes, will there be a sigh of relief from my family or will they actually be pleased?

  3. *snickers* I think of you every time he takes his shirt off, I know that we’re both cheering at the same time. We’re like teenage girls when it comes to him, just without the shrieking and the clutching each other. But otherwise, just like that.

  4. I hear you on #10, although the moron who built this house is still living and theoretically I COULD ask what he was thinking. We’ve essentially rebuilt it, stick by stick, so I won’t bother.

  5. JarJar isn’t THAT bad is he? He does some pretty awesome/hilarious stuff in the Clone Wars cartoons and he is the best jumper in the Star Wars Lego Wii game. =) I would have some other questions for Lucas, though. Like what was with that weirdo birthing scene at the end of Revenge of the Sith? Sounds like a great guest list. I’m sorry about your family. I guess you learn in this life to make your own happiness.

  6. Ditto on #3 and i’m with you on Alton too. Not only can he cook but he’d act out the turkey’s last moments. I can’t believe that I didn’t think of Jane Austen. Apparently I was looking for more testosterone at my table because all I could think of was guys. ;)

  7. Anne says:

    #7–I had a similar reaction to news of my pregnancy with The Boy. I was overshadowed by a younger cousin having her second out of wedlock babeh, by a guy who was her boss who she later married, and then divorced because all he did was sit on the floor and play video games. Which is all he did when they met. When they were both in their mid 20s. Oh, then she went on to sleep with her new boss, get impregnated a 3rd time and now lives with him with all 3 of her kids and is using Facebook to try and find a different job because she hates that job. *::headdesk::, repeat from *

    Just cuz we have stoopid people in our family of origin doesn’t mean we can’t have fabulous families we create with our friends.

  8. You don’t want EZ or BW to be topless? Or GL? Or Alton (he doesn’t look too bad to me!) :0)
    Who would I invite? Boring people that I am glad to have around, like friends and family. Not that we do Thanksgiving anyway. Certainly not people who tell us not to rain on others’ parades when you have your own good news.

  9. Great list! Why is it that the comment that I want to write is to inquire how R feels about having his underpants mentioned on your blog? I probably should not write that, so I just keep my comment to “Great list!” I do need to figure out which topless men I would invite to Thanksgiving… Not something that is bad to contemplate.

    Also, it was fun to share with you at The Fiber Event. You and R were both wonderful!

  10. What? No shirtless Alton Brown? I’d love to be at that table but I hope you’d provide bibs. It’s a great list. I’d probably toss in Gordon Ramsay for an even amount of bare chests. :-D

  11. i know how to get out of a knitting slump! go out, buy the most expensive yarn you can find and take it home. Nex thting you know, knitting! Also, the rude people who were ‘concerned’ about your nuptial date? Don’t need to be invited. Even if it ISN”T the same date. Jsut sayin’

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