Holy wow…

…fiber.  It’s been so long since wool has appeared on this blog that some of you might not recognize it!  ;op

First though, the booth in VT:

The booth in VT

(with Tamara, and two ppl hiding ;o) )

and now…what I spun that day:

Moody Neapolitan

This is Cashmere/Merino in Moody Neapolitan from Into the Whirled.  Love these colors!  This might turn into a scarf for me…we’ll see!

That’s all for now!  Happy Thanksgiving-eve!  (and be sure to stop by the shop over the weekend…I might be having a bit of a sale…and the Holiday prints will make their first appearance!)

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12 thoughts on “Holy wow…

  1. Exciting times! :) Congrats on taking your first big step into the world, and kudos to RR for helping you do it. Big points there.

    I envy you the nice warm, clean, non-dusty venue too. REALLY envy.

  2. What a gorgeous booth you guys set up. Congrats! Hehe – I had to look to find R, sneaky hiding spot there. :) That colorway is spinning up very nicely!

    I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.

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