I know…

…I’m a terrible blogger.  It’s been a week and a half since I wrote a post and I’m sorry to be so neglectful.  I blame it on all you Holiday shoppers who have been keeping me chained to my sewing machine.  ;op  (THANK you!  hehe)

What have I been up to?  Holiday bags:

Holiday Lineup...

and maybe a little knitting.  The knitting needs to get photographed though and I haven’t had a chance to do that – nothing is at FO stage but I *am* knitting which is a big improvement from even a week ago when I hadn’t touched needles in forEVER.

The big news in the shop this week is you can take 15% off of everything in my Artfire shop if you use the code HOLIDAY2009 during checkout – and the holiday prints that you see up there?  Only going to be available until the 24th.  One of those bags is a Peanuts bag, too!  Snoopy!  Charlie Brown!  Gotta love it!  ;o)

(thanks for your patience regarding the dearth of posts and knitting…)