Ten on…

Christmas - from the camerabag

…Thursday.  Sorry, somehow the week has managed to get away from me again.

I think this week was supposed to be ’10 Resolutions’ but I did that last week so this week I’m going out on my own.  Since it’s New Year’s and since we’re rolling into a new decade at midnight tonight, I’m going to go with ‘10 11  Things I Did in the Last 10 Years that Made Me Happy and/or Effected My Life’ (yep I know it’s long but I’m in charge so there.  ;op )

So, in no particular order:

1. Met R and started dating him for realz.

2.  Got/kept my own apartment for a year (the first year of our relationship, in fact).  Before that, I had always lived with someone else and didn’t think I was capable of paying rent and utilities on my own.  Having that apartment made a huge difference on my self confidence.

3.  Quit Smoking.  I quit on December 3, 1999 and I only occasionally look back.  ;o)

4.  Started working from home.  There are pluses and there are minuses but overall, I love it.

5.  Decided that there are people in my life who choose to be negative and that it’s up to me whether or not I let that negativity effect me.  Also, that *I* am not responsible for everyone’s happiness, only my own. (that one was especially freeing, letmetellyou)

6.  Lost my last living grandparent.  It changes the way you look upon the world, at least, it changed the way I looked upon the world.

7.  Went to the other side of the country.  I had never been West before Wyoming.  I loved it and want to do it again someday!

8.  Started knitting and, started spinning.  ;o)

9.  Saw my daughter graduate High School and get an apartment of her own.

10.  Got engaged!  To R!  (Finally! hehe He loves it when people put that word on the end of that sentence, it’s his favorite.  *g*)

11.  Last but definitely not least, started this blog.  I’ve made many friends along the way and I am grateful for every one of you!

Well, there’s my list – tell me, what would be on yours?

P.S. I managed to get all my Christmas socks done on time and they were well received.  I even finished up a ‘stealth’ pair for R!