We have…

…a winner!

Because this was all about RR and his club I decided to let him have the honor of picking the winner (also, in case you hadn’t already guessed, it’s way easier for me to take a picture if it’s his hands doing the mixing and the tossing).  So, without further ado…

Mix Mix…

mix mix

Toss Toss…

toss toss

Mix Mix…

mix mix

Pick Pick…

win win

The Winner!!

Congrats, Diane!  Leave a comment on my ‘Contact Me’ post and I’ll reply to you so we can discuss colors, favorite fibers and a shipping address!

Thanks to everyone for playing, RR is *very* happy that so many people voted!  You love him!  You really, really love him!  (well…the jury is still out on Cookie *aherm* ;op ) As soon as we know who won the grant I will let you know – unfortunately, our friend who works at the bank went on vacation this week and we forgot to check with him about a time frame for notification before he left.  He will be back next week and I’ll have a better idea – or we might even know by then whether we won.  You guys are AWESOME!  Way to show those car guys that fiber people ROCK!  ;o)

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11 thoughts on “We have…

  1. Diane S. says:

    Oh that’s enough to make a girl cry! lol

    I saw “Diane” and said to myself “hey was that what I wrote? Wait a minute…I don’t have a blog?” Then I realized something was terribley wrong with this picture. Not ME!!! Actaully I think I get an “S” after my name! (And no it doesn’t stand for stupid! lol)

    Clearly it has been a bad few weeks here!

    Congratulations to the REAL Diane!!! You rock girl!

    I am going back into hiding now :-)

    By the way Jess you decide about those hot dogs? lol I can take you over! (Insert evil laugh here!)
    Miss you!!!

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