Ten on Tuesday…

…the one with all the places to knit.

Chinatown - Year of the Tiger

Photo of Chinatown on Sunday during the New Year firecrackers and Dragon Dancers – R and Dave went, I stayed home because I wasn’t feeling up to the crowds.

There wasn’t an official topic again this week so our little group of rebels are doing our own thing.  Carole suggested a list of our Ten Favorite Places to Knit so…

1.  The couch.  I can spread out, I have my stuff, my laptop, my remote and my project and all is well (and lately I’ve added a cup warmer to the end table so my tea is still hot even if I forget I have it).  This is where I’m doing the bulk of my Olympic knitting – two more inches on the back so far!

2.  The car while waiting at the bank drive through or waiting for R to be done in a boy store (you know – auto parts, hardware, etc.) or at a red light when I’ve been particularly desperate to finish a project.

3.  Restaurants.  As soon as I pull out the project, the waitress shows up with dinner.  It’s magical.  ;o)

4.  Knit night – though I have to work on the simple projects since I get distracted easily and mess up cables, etc.

5.  My new knit night – I’m starting up a group in Great Barrington beginning in March.  I have to check one more thing but I’m pretty sure it’ll be a go.  (no, I’m not stopping going to my other knit night) ;o)

6.  Sitting by the campfire.  Though I usually need a light to knit by.

7.  At a car show – I get very interesting questions asked of me when the car guys see me with the needles.

8.  My porch during a spring rain – it smells wonderful and the sound of rain on the roof is so soothing.

9.  Before we found a better internet provider (we don’t get DSL out here in the woods), I used to enjoy knitting at my desk while waiting for a site to download.  Now, I knit at my desk when I need a break from adding 2+2.

10.  Movie theaters while waiting for the movie to start (though we don’t go out to the movies much).  It really makes the time go by faster.

There’s my list!  Tell me, where are your favorite places to knit?

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12 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday…

  1. Manise says:

    I knit in front of the computer too! As I said at Carole’s, one of my favorite places is on my garden bench in the Spring or early summer listening to the birds and being amongst the flowers. Also sitting in a really tall green patch of lawn before it’s been mowed is lovely too.

  2. Barb Reeves says:

    Hi Jess,
    Yippeeee for new GB group! On Wed 6-8p a group of us meet at Sheffield Library and I’ve been working with a youngster at Gypsy Joynt (the MOST amazing food) on Thursday nights. So hope hope hope your group will meet Mon, Tues, or Friday cuz I’m selfish and want MORE time to knit. :)
    My corner wheel is in North Country with Dave….looking forward to hearing from him again. Then will need a spinning tutor cuz it has been 40 years (!) since I last sat to spin.
    Wow, look at all that snow. hehehe…stay warm Jess!
    Happy knittin’! barb

  3. Out on our deck in the late spring/early summer when the hummers have returned and they’re zoooming around looking for nectar. The trees block the neighbors and all I see is green and the little jewel birds.

    (and if I’m lucky there’s something refreshing on the table next to me. and I don’t mean lemonade.)
    .-= Diane´s last blog post …Snow traks =-.

  4. Your no. 3 rule worked beautifully in Jerusalem with buses and cigarettes and now it works with the knitting when I am waiting for things, I much prefer the knitting version.
    I don’t smoke for years now.

  5. My favorite spot that is local is on our couch (we don’t have a lot of seating in our apartment) – it is in the same room as Cory plays his computer games (which is a lot), it is also in front of the TV, and by a window

    I also love knitting with my mom – my absolute favorite place to knit is at my parent’s cabin (window, view of the lake, strange creaking sounds of the log frame settling – and when I’m lucky, the sound of rain on the metal roof). I also like knitting at my parent’s apartment – though it is still very new to me because they just moved last summer (so before that I liked knitting at their house).

    I’ve knit at the airport while waiting for someone and while waiting for my own plane. Both were fun and strangers talked to me both times. The airplane hostess was amazed with what I was knitting (lace) which made me feel clever…
    .-= CatieP´s last blog post …Blocking =-.

  6. I went to see Crazy Heart yesterday and knit while I waited for the movie to start. As the previews started and the lights went down, a woman saw me putting my knitiing in my bag and asked if I found it hard to knit in the dark. I was like “yeah” that’s why I’m putting it away now. Duh!

    I love how most of our lists are so similar but the common thread seems to be that we’d knit anywhere if given half a chance.
    .-= Hillary´s last blog post …Ten on Tuesday – Favorite Places to Knit =-.

  7. The couch with my tea, laptop and remote also and my covered front porch during any weather! I love going out with my local knit group (we meet at a bookstore and a local pub). Basically, anytime that I can find time works for me! :)

  8. Is there a non-favourite place to knit (oh yeah, maybe, whilst enthroned!). I mostly knit in front of the computer but that’s cos I have to to follow the pattern (no printer). On the couch, at the PiL’s, in the car if I am not driving, on the train, on the bus, at the beach, in the mountains, on our front porch, watching the world go by….
    .-= lynne s of oz´s last blog post …Now with less hair =-.

  9. Bobbieq says:

    Oh, what about on an airplane? Such a long, uninterrupted time to knit, and it keeps your mind off of how aggravating it is to fly these days. We fly to and from Albuquerque to our winter home in Florida pretty often, and I make great progress on the socks, hat, or fingerless gloves I am working on. In fact, I keep a small, uncomplicated, project on wooden circs in a small bag all of the time for that very circumstance.

    My ultimate favorite place to knit, however, is the beach near Loreto in Baja, Mexico. I just couldn’t believe I was there doing that every day for a couple of months. I’d have to stop and pinch myself. Too bad going there has been messed up by 2 bit criminals.

    Edited to add that Rocketgirl (Christina) asked me to comment so that she would get another entry to your contest.

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