…that is what this yarn is.  It took me six months to spin it, and I knew from the start who it belonged to.

Handspun - Laceweight

1496 yards of merino/bamboo laceweight singles

I’ve never spun anything so fine, so even, so (if I do say so myself) lovely.

Handspun - Laceweight

Part of it is the fiber I started with, Panda (merino/bamboo blend) from Spunky Eclectic in the colorway Toronto.  Part of it is the wheel I used, Emma.

Handspun - Laceweight

…and part of it is the recipient.  She deserves this yarn – she is the lace queen, after all (she’s knitting me my wedding shawl, how wonderful is that?), this yarn came off the bobbin and screamed that it belonged to her.  The color, the weight.  It says…


I hope you enjoy knitting with it, I loved spinning it.  ;o)

p.s.  You might want to come back for another visit tomorrow…big contest planned!