Ten on Tuesday…

…the one with all the…can’t you see I’m knitting?

Intent Observation
Jazzy – keeping an eye on the neighbors.  ;o)

There isn’t an official topic (again) this week, so I’m coming up with my own topic (Carole and our band of rebels have a topic but since I’m knitting for the Olympics and that’s kind of what’s on my mind right now, I’m going to go with what I’m obsessing about in the interest of not taxing my brain this week). So, without any further ado:

10 Things to Say to Your Family While Knitting for the Olympics (the predecessor of this post is here, btw. I went through this once before, remember? Don’t ask me why I decided to do this a second time.  I think, like childbirth, the memory of the pain lessons after the passage of time.  It’s either that or I’ve completely lost my mind.  shut. up. ;op ).

1. Hi. Why are you staring at me?

2. No, I can’t cook you dinner. Here’s twenty bucks for a pizza.

3. No, I don’t care what you get on the pizza.

4. No, REALLY. I don’t care! KNITTING here!

5. Why is Mommy crying?  Because she loves knitting.  A lot.

6.  YES, we are watching ice skating.  No, I don’t care if you like it.

7. Are you going to fast forward through these commercials or am I going to stab you with a double point?


9.  Stop whimpering, I didn’t yell *that* loudly.

10.  This will all be over on Monday.  (Yes, this Monday.)

So tell me, how is your Olympic knitting coming along?  ;o)