I didn’t make it…

…but that’s okay, I enjoyed my Olympic experience.  ;o)

I think the reason I’m not shattered with defeat is someone is almost done with my wedding shawl – go look!  Pretty!  I also had a lot more stuff going on this time around, I actually worked instead of taking a week off and knitting 8 hours a day.

I’ll have photos up with progress this week, who knows, maybe I’ll even be done!

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11 thoughts on “I didn’t make it…

  1. Hey, the Olympics will be back before you know it and you’ll get another shot at gold!

    She’s a good friend isn’t she? I’d like to see her knit sometime, her fingers must be a blur.
    .-= Diane´s last blog post …Cancel spring =-.

  2. Doris says:

    I had to withdraw from competition. A family issue came up for my son and I had to remember that I am a mother first, an Olympian second. I knew at that point that there was no way to finish. That wedding shawl is going to be gorgeous. Cookie is one very talented knitter!

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