Ten on Tuesday

…the one with all the ‘there’s an app for that’ ;o)

Bee at Clermont 2010

Bumblebee in the garden at Clermont (look at this one bigger if you can, it’s pretty awesome if I do say so myself)

This week, our fearless leader has suggested a list of our favorite iPhone apps.  For me, the hardest part of this list will be narrowing it down to 10 15.  ;o)

1.  Evernote.  This isn’t just an app, it’s the other half of my brain.  The half that remembers everything.  Seriously – it’s an app, a web app, a puter app, etc.  If you see something you want to remember (like a book at B&N you’d like to borrow from the library), you take a picture of it, add it to Evernote and it makes any text in the photo searchable.  I have all my current knitting projects in it in .pdf form so I can see them on the puter or on the iPhone.  I also have wedding notes in there, notes on stuff, photos of fabric that I need to remember the names of, etc.  So awesome.

2.  Dropbox.  Also a desktop/iPhone app.  I use this to keep my ebook collection synced with Calibre – I also use it for knitting patterns.

3.  Paypal.  It’s not just for checking your balance, either.  ;o)

4.  iPOS.  I use this to keep track of what bags I have in stock so I don’t sell one too many hedgehogs.  ;o)

5.  P Tracker.  Helps me keep track of…well, ‘girl stuff’.  This helps a lot at the doctor – she asked me a question last week and I actually said, “oh!  I have an app for that!”

6.  TweetDeck.  This app syncs with my desktop Tweetdeck app so I don’t have to re-read two hours of tweets to figure out where I am.

7.  Shopper.  This app lets me make a shopping list that I share with R so when he’s out, he can check if we need anything from the store.

8.  TextPlus.  I use this (free texting!) app to text R to remind him to check the Shopper list.  ;o)

9.  Facebook.  Doesn’t really need an explanation, does it? ;op

10.  XBMC Remote.  This is for controlling my Home Theater PC (it’s pretty cool)

11.  TouchMouse.  (also for controlling the HTPC – you didn’t expect me to stop at 10, did you? hehe)

12.  Wallet Zero.  For all my shopping cards.

13.  JotNot.  For taking photos of business receipts that I then add to Evernote for tax time.

14.  KnitBuddy.  To keep track of my knitting projects – has a counter, etc.

15.  About 20 games, too many to list here!

There’s my list!  Do you have an iPhone?  A favorite app?

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10 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday

  1. I downloaded Evernote and Ptracker last night! Best new find for me though was “My Pain Diary”, unfortunately. I’m trying out the lite version for now. Great list, there are a couple on there I’m looking to try out.

    Anyone try the spinner’s app? At $5, I’d like to hear some thoughts before giving it a go.
    .-= Tina M.´s last blog post …Chancellor’s Sheep & Wool Showcase 2010 =-.

  2. No iPhone yet but hopefully Verizon will be getting it in the Fall! (If I don’t get the Droid before then that is!) Definately checking out that Evernote thing you told me about on Saturday though, thanks!

  3. Holy crackers, I love my apps!!!

    Evernote…I downloaded it but have no idea how to make it work. LOL!

    Flashlight, Facebook, Tweetie, StitchMinder, 1Password, Kindle, WordPress, GoodReader, WootWatch, TipStar, Starbucks Mobile Card, Plants vs Zombies.

    OMG! I couldn’t stop at 10, either!!
    .-= Laurie (Moo!)´s last blog post …Just A Click Away =-.

  4. I love the new photo! Very awesome.

    I like “My Writing Nook.” It syncs to a web app and is useful for notes and lists and stories and all. I also like the lightsaber app, and “Crazy Penguin Catapult.” But those are both just for fun… I also found a new RSS Reader app not too long ago, and I think I really like it: “MobileRSS Free” or something like that.
    .-= Nicole´s last blog post …May Goalpost =-.

  5. nope no IPhone. I don’t think I will ever get one either. Not much of a gadget girl. I have a cell phone that cost me 20 bucks and I add minutes to every month. I like it this way. People will just have to give me a call on my home phone cause I hardly have the cell phone on.

    Also this gives me more money for yarn.


    PS I do want an IPod touch though…. I am saving for that. Which is almost an Iphone with out the phone and camera
    .-= beth´s last blog post …I’ve said it a million times, I love making yarn! =-.

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