…the one with all the Spring.

On Saturday, after the vending was over, we wandered down the Lilac Walk to look at the Chancellor’s Mansion:
Clermont 2010

I had never been here when the flowers were in bloom, it really is a lovely place.  Even though the house was built in the 20th Century to replace the original one that burned, it makes me think of the late 18th Century and all that makes me love Austen.

Clermont 2010

The above view shows where the festival was formerly held.  I was *very* disappointed to find out that we weren’t located near the house this year.  Below is the ‘Long View’ which is to the Left of the house:

Clermont 2010

The view from the front, looking out across the Hudson River:

Clermont 2010

One of the two lions keeping watch at the front door:

Clermont 2010

The last member of the family to live in the house was a gardener and worked hard to make all the gardens what they are today.  A few of my favorite flowering trees:

Clermont 2010

Clermont 2010

Clermont 2010

There you have it!  The grounds at Clermont.  Have a great weekend!

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8 thoughts on “ECF…

  1. I love redbuds *so* much. (In part, I admit, because the flowers are so tasty…)

    And, thanks, this is exactly what I wanted from my Google Reader break. :)
    .-= naomi´s last blog post …eye candy friday =-.

  2. How pretty is Spring!
    And i love redbuds too – don’t have them here. The flowers are pretty, the pods are pretty, the leaves are pretty and even the bare stems are pretty!

  3. jill says:

    What a beautiful setting! Have you seen Lost in Austen yet? Downloadable via Netflix. Perfectly delightful use you your time.

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