One more time…

…into the breach. (or something like that…)

I’ve decided to give CeCe another shot. The last attempt was frogged due to my inability to pay attention and read my knitting – plus, I decided that I hated the yarn color.

Progress as of Saturday:

CeCe 2.0

The yarn is Zephyr Wool/Silk DK weight in Blueberry – purchased almost exactly one year ago at Halcyon in Maine (which reminds me, it’s almost RR and my engagement anniversary!). I have a full cone of it so I’m thinking (hoping, actually) that I have enough to make elbow length sleeves.

I cast on Thursday afternoon, made it through the first lace row, realized I screwed up on the very first row of ribbing, ripped back, cast on again, counted like fourteen times to make sure it was right, knit the ribbing and then spent most of last night attempting to get a correct first lace row again while watching Law & Order CI.

*sigh* is it wrong to not be optimistic about this because of our shaky beginnings? ;o)

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10 thoughts on “One more time…

  1. Manise says:

    You’ll be fine this time! I have shaky beginnings with projects too. Just part of the process….

  2. When attempting a pattern, i usually screw up in the beginning when I am learning the rythm of it. Usually it get easier. Here’s hoping it works for yq. and when it does,put in a lifeline. that ensures you won’t wcrew up again.

  3. Love the color. Don’t know what it is about that pattern – I’ve tried to knit it twice. I can knit sweaters. I can knit lace. I can knit lace sweaters. These things I’ve done before – that pattern just evades me. For some reason, I cannot knit it without messing up. I wish for you great success!
    .-= Chris´s last blog post …Brandywine =-.

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