Ten on Tuesday…

…the one with all the interviews.

Inara And Kaylee

This week, our directive is 10 People You Would Like to Interview (living people) (btw this would never happen because I suck at interviewing, just sayin’).  Ready?

1.  President Obama

2.  Will Smith (this is R’s contribution, he’s impressed with Smith’s ability to go from dorky teen singer to pretty awesome guy)

3.  Michael Waltrip (he’s my favorite NASCAR driver – I’ve been a fan of his since the late 90’s.  He’s just a nice guy and considering some of that jackasses that have started driving since I’ve been watching racing, that’s pretty impressive to me)

4.  Nathan Fillion (if this happened, I’d probably need to be held back from…well, making an idiot of myself)

5.  J.K. Rowling (I’m a pretty big HP fan)

6.  Jim Butcher

7.  Alton Brown

8.  George Lucas

9.  Mike Rowe (though I’d need the same stipulation as #4.  There might be licking.  Don’t judge me.)

10.  Any of the guys from Deadliest Catch  (no licking though, they’d probably taste all fishy…)

Okay, that’s my list!  What do you guys think?

That photo up there is of some lovely fiber I just purchased from Woolen Mill St Yarns on Etsy.  The top one is Inara, the bottom Kaylee.  She has yarn too for the non-spinners ;o)

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18 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday…

  1. Manise says:

    Nice list though I’m with Carole. Off to google…. And I incorrectly thought the fiber was from Into The Whirled. Same tight braided discs with awesome colors.

  2. Ahh, the deadliest catch crew…I’d really like to tell Sig that he and Edgar are exactly alike and remind Jake and his bro that we all miss their dad. :(

    Mine were: obama (for different reasons *republican*), freud, jamie oliver, Sam Kass (white house chef/gardener), … and a few more.
    .-= Kate´s last blog post …10 on Tuesday =-.

  3. *snickers* You and me both, baby. Licking indeed.

    Now that I’m legal with the library again (to take your phrase, don’t judge me!) I will be putting Jim Butcher’s books on my list. I keep hearing good things and it’s high time.
    .-= Tina M.´s last blog post …Lady Emma =-.

  4. I second JK Rowling, Mike Rowe, and the Deadliest Catch Crew. To that, I would add Daniel Radcliffe, Alan Rickman, and the guys from Pawn Stars (though not for the licking). Also, and no judgment for the licking, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. Perhaps it should be a 20 on Tuesday, because I’d also like to ask Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortensen, and Johnny Depp a few questions, and perhaps the guy who plays Eric Northman on True Blood.

    I’m sensing a theme here. There’s only one woman on my list. Um, Sandra Bullock. Not for the whole cheating husband thing, but she just seems like a good person to have coffee with.
    .-= Andrea (@shutterbitch)´s last blog post …Adventures in Kitchen Disasters =-.

  5. 4, 6, 7 & 8…with a little extra time for 4 and 7!

    I’d be too shy to actually interview them but I’ll bet I’d be able to work up a little chatter.

    Also, Alan King, Jamie Oliver, Tom Selleck, David Tennant, John Cleese and Leo Laporte & Dick DeBartolo (hosts of my fav podcast).
    .-= Laurie (Moo!)´s last blog post …Just A Click Away =-.

  6. Lynda/Knittogether says:

    I’m right there with you for #9. My son worked in an insectary for awhile – the smelliest place EVER! – and I BEGGED him to apply to have Mike Rowe come out for Dirty Jobs, but he never did :( Mike has been here in my little town for the show, I think at the train yard… but I found out about it after the fact. I was NOT a happy camper!

  7. That fiber looks yummy – and the names are awesome. If I can think of enough names of people to interview I’ll post today. Too bad they have to be living… In case I don’t post I’ll add the 2 I’m thinking of now – Joss Whedon and Rick Mercer.

  8. Sarah R says:

    Oooh, you just want to squeeze that fiber’s little cheeks!

    And speaking of squeezing cheeks…I agree with Nathan Fillion, but it’s not interviewing I’d have in mind….

  9. Nathan Fillion and Will smith are great choices but Alton Brown is an outstanding one. I tried to choose peole for my list that would be interesting (rather than pure eye candy which is totally a different kind of list) and Alton would be the coolest.
    .-= Hillary´s last blog post …Steek Class =-.

  10. Well, when you are done licking Mike Rowe, I want the left overs. Just pack them up and ship them to me!!

    BTW – speaking of Jim Butcher, did you want me to mail Changes to you so you can read it? Just let me know!

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