No-Sew Napkins

I can’t claim the original idea for these napkins, I think I saw them in a Martha Stewart magazine?  Anyway, the idea stuck and when I saw that seersucker fabric was on sale at I decided to give it a shot.

I purchased two yards of fabric, I wasn’t sure how many napkins that would make because I hadn’t decided yet how big to make them.

First, you need to decide your measurements, I went with 18″ square.  Then, cut your fabric, trying to be as straight as possible with your cuts. (this will come in handy later…askmehowIknow *ahem*)

no-sew napkins

The 18″ cut allowed for eight napkins from the two yards (and about $1 per napkin – score!).  Once you’ve cut your squares, you need to fray the edges:

no-sew napkins

They will continue to fray when you wash them, but I’m pretty sure it’ll take a while before you are left with a postage-stamp sized napkin and 17″ of fray.  ;o)

no-sew napkins

When you’re all done, since you pre-washed your fabric (you did pre-wash it…right? ;o) ), you are all set to use your napkins with your next meal!

Finished Napkins

We had BBQ ribs the night I made these and they worked great!  If you don’t mind sewing and you have the ability, to stop the fraying you can sew a zig-zag seam around the edge.  My old grey mare of a ’36 Singer has never heard of zig-zag stitch so we’ll live with the fraying.  ;o)

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17 thoughts on “No-Sew Napkins

  1. Those are beautiful! I make napkins using my serger to put a rolled hem on the edges. It’s a pain to set up the serger that way but it’s worth it if I do a whole bunch of napkins at once.
    Carole’s last post …Happy Anniversary, Baby

  2. Love them! I’ve been trying to think what kind of fabric to get for some new napkins. Now does that technique you’re decscibing only work well with seersucker?
    karin maag-tanchak’s last post …hi!

  3. sueO says:

    CUTE! Love Seersucker. If they do begin to fray to much/too fast, just make a line of straight stitch (as tiny between stitches as possible) about 1/4″ from the edge and that should help a lot. Years ago my grandmother used to make napkins from bleached muslin by straight stitching each side on her old treadle machine. They lasted for years!

  4. we made these in 7th grade home ec. A tablecloth and 4 napkins. Same process. Hate to say it , but I still have them, 50 years later, and when my sister passed away last year, I found hers as well!

  5. Sunnyknitter says:

    There’s a product called Fray-Chek (not sure of spelling). It comes in a bottle and you just use the tip to go all around the exterior and then it will only fray to that point. I used to do cross stitch about a million years ago and used it then. These are right up my alley, I don’t sew worth beans and have no machine! Thanks for sharing!

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