A Good Friend…

…is not only someone who is always ready with the bail fund, it’s someone who will knit a wedding shawl for you.

Wedding Shawl - Blocked

Not once, but twice.

Wedding Shawl - Blocked

Because you RILLY want a big-arsed lace shawl as a veil.

Wedding Shawl - Blocked

Then, if your friend is as awesome as my friend, they will worry that it isn’t big enough.

Wedding Shawl - Blocked

Until you finally get off your lazy butt and block it.

Wedding Shawl - Blocked

…and it takes up most of your living room floor.

Wedding Shawl - Blocked

Then you unpin it, hold it up and realize…

Wedding Shawl - Blocked

That seven feet wide is plenty big enough.  ;o)

Wedding Shawl - Blocked

Cookie, you are a knitting goddess.  I will cherish this shawl forever and it will be a wonderful ‘Cookie Hug’ on my wedding day.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. xoxo  (I’d offer you my first born as thanks but I’m pretty sure you don’t want her… ;op )

Project Details:

Pattern: Cap Shawl from Victorian Lace Today

Yarn: Zephyr Lace in Vanilla

Other Details: You’re going to have to check with the knitting goddess on that one, I’m not sure on needle size but I think knitting time was like 20 minutes.  ;op

On an important and completely unrelated note – Happy Birthday, Mom!

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53 thoughts on “A Good Friend…

  1. Not only will you have the love of a good friend around your shoulders, you will be the most beautiful bride! The shawl is a glorious tribute to your love and your life together.
    margene’s last post …From the Garden

  2. It’s beautiful, how does Our Cookie do it! Does she have her own personal minions do you suppose?

    And happy birthday to Jessalu’s Mom!

  3. Doris says:

    That Cookie is something else! That is one awesomely gorgeous piece of knitting. And it will be beautiful on you on your wedding day.

  4. I always thought “Friends help you move…good friends help you move bodies.” But you’ve got one of the awesomest friends on the planet! Gorgeous, gorgeous shawl!
    Harriet’s last post …Ten On Tuesday

  5. It is lovely, and beautiful, and even more wondrous in person. I’m in awe that she had the fortitude to knit it twice, and I agree, that’s a mark of a very good friend. Your veil is stunning.
    Tina M.’s last post …Tour de Fleece? Sure…

  6. WOW! Amazing!
    Our Cookie is THE Knitting Goddess!
    My jaw really dropped seeing the photos.
    A great looking special hug for your big day indeed.

  7. Holy guacamole! This may cause some consternation on my home front as well, when I tell Grant I wish to get married. To him, or to anyone who will let me wear a veil.

    Happy birthday, Jess’s mom!
    Lucia’s last post …Ten on Tuesday

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