You would not believe the week (and a half) I’ve had…

…wedding stress, wedding DRESS stress, wedding invitation stress, what-the-hell-is-everyone-going-to-eat-at-this-wedding stress, then as a lovely cherry on top of the stress sundae I was dealing with, a kidney stone that would not leave.  For a week.

All this happened during the week leading up to the Tour de Fleece kickoff which means I had NO prep time at all and, since I was on lovely painkillers, no ability to think about what I wanted to do with the TdF if I did recover in time.

Which means…

Tour de Fleece 2009 Goal

…the box is back.  This is the photo from last year and yes, the box is just as full.  What box, you ask?  That would be my Spunky Club box.  Every month I get roughly 4oz of fiberly loveliness from Amy and every month I don’t get around to spinning it which means…it gets put in the box.  I have about 20 months of club fiber to do which adds up to 5lbs.  This year there isn’t a Sock Summit so hopefully I’ll have time to finish – or at least try to finish.  ;o)

This was my view on the first day of TdF spinning:

Spinning by the lake - TdF day 1

(it was my view on day 2 also but I didn’t take a photo)

So far I’ve spun and plied 8oz:

Day 1 - 4 Plied

Top:  Lame Duck Mallard/Superwash BFL/October 2008/4 oz 234 yds 2-ply DKish

Bottom:  Raisin Wannabe/Shetland/November 2008/4 oz 268 yds 2-ply DKish

Right now I have Champagne from December 2008 on Maybelle – and can I just say thank bob I have a CPW for this year?  ;o)