You would not believe the week (and a half) I’ve had…

…wedding stress, wedding DRESS stress, wedding invitation stress, what-the-hell-is-everyone-going-to-eat-at-this-wedding stress, then as a lovely cherry on top of the stress sundae I was dealing with, a kidney stone that would not leave.  For a week.

All this happened during the week leading up to the Tour de Fleece kickoff which means I had NO prep time at all and, since I was on lovely painkillers, no ability to think about what I wanted to do with the TdF if I did recover in time.

Which means…

Tour de Fleece 2009 Goal

…the box is back.  This is the photo from last year and yes, the box is just as full.  What box, you ask?  That would be my Spunky Club box.  Every month I get roughly 4oz of fiberly loveliness from Amy and every month I don’t get around to spinning it which means…it gets put in the box.  I have about 20 months of club fiber to do which adds up to 5lbs.  This year there isn’t a Sock Summit so hopefully I’ll have time to finish – or at least try to finish.  ;o)

This was my view on the first day of TdF spinning:

Spinning by the lake - TdF day 1

(it was my view on day 2 also but I didn’t take a photo)

So far I’ve spun and plied 8oz:

Day 1 - 4 Plied

Top:  Lame Duck Mallard/Superwash BFL/October 2008/4 oz 234 yds 2-ply DKish

Bottom:  Raisin Wannabe/Shetland/November 2008/4 oz 268 yds 2-ply DKish

Right now I have Champagne from December 2008 on Maybelle – and can I just say thank bob I have a CPW for this year?  ;o)

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21 thoughts on “You would not believe the week (and a half) I’ve had…

  1. It sounds like you are in the wars! Glad to infer that the kidney stone eventually left, hope you are drinking and peeing plenty (TMI but I have become a Lady of a Certain Age and am glad to dispense TMI advice ;-).
    I’m late to the TdF party too – I only started spinning today. I’ve also been too unwell to get my butt into gear (more my legs and my brain).

  2. You’re going to spin FIVE POUNDS of fleece during TdF? I set myself a stretch goal of a little under four ounces. Truly, I am not worthy.

    I had only a couple of months to plan my wedding. I think this was probably a good thing: less time to stress. I’m not changing horses now, that’s for sure.
    Lucia’s last post …Bittersweet End

  3. Love the spinning!

    I’m so sorry about last week. I’m hoping this week will be kinder to you. Btw, did you really think you would be spinning something different this year? ;^)

    Cookie’s last post …Mark As Read

  4. You may have stumbled at the start, but you’re making up for all the time you lost, beautiful spinning. I like the names, particularly the duck and bubbly!
    Diane’s last post …Ten on Tuesday

  5. Acquaintances of mine are growing all the food for their Sept wedding… talk about stress! Sounds like that stone is gone, and good riddance, right? Lovely spinning… I call mine like yours (dk-ish, worsted-ish), but for me the idea of competing in spinning gives me the heebie jeebies, especially in this heat!
    lisa’s last post …Navajo

  6. Sorry to hear your week was so awful (especially the kidney stone part!). At least your view for spinning is lovely … that’s got to count for something, huh? Sending hugs, though.
    –Deb’s last post …I Wasn’t Ready

  7. I am very, very glad that you’re feeling better. It sucks to be at the mercy of things beyond your control, and in that much pain.

    The yarn looks great! I think you’ll make quite the dent in it before the end of the tour.

    (ETA: Oh jesus. Could I possible have spelled commemorative more completely wrong? That’s what I get for posting in a heat wave late in the evening. *Slinks off to fix blog*)
    Tina M.’s last post …WOOL 2010- Commerative Colorway Poll

  8. All those issues? Chill, grrl. It’s all about the party and the celebration. (The kidney stone – yeck. No worse pain, I’m told.)

    You do what I do with fiber clubs. You might as well have another fleece around with all that club stuff. (Better to not listen to me.)
    Laurie’s last post …Tour de Fleece 2010

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