Well, it appears…

…I’ve survived another trip around the sun.  For me, that’s cause for celebration SO, since I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve, in the tradition of the Hobbits, instead of you all giving me gifts, I shall give you a gift on my birthday!  (it’s not my eleventy-first birthday though, even if it feels that way on some days, hehe)

Yes, I said gift, but first, let me catch you up with my TdF spinning:

TdF 2010 - current spinning

Spun up:  ‘Champagne’ from Spunky Club December 2008, waiting to be plied:  ‘New Day’ from Spunky Club February 2009 and being spun: ‘Myrtle’ from Spunky Club March 2009.  (because I have readers who skim: THESE ARE NOT THE PRIZES!  I’m keeping these babies all to myself! muahahaha!)  ETA: All my singles for TdF are being spun on my Canadian Production Wheel, Mabelle.  Then, I’m winding off the singles from the CPW and plying on my Sonata with the Wooly Winder

My birthday gift to you?

Another herd of buckets...

A bucket bag – of your choice – from the stock in the shop.  The winner is welcome to look at what I have and then ask if I can make a bucket from a box listing.  What do you have to do to win this lovely prize?

  • Leave a comment! (and feel free to tell your friends!)
  • Tweet about it!  (no more than 1 tweet per hour, please – up to 5 tweets total.  If you include my twitter name @jessalu and a link to this post, you get an entry for each tweet!)

If we get more than 50 comments?  I’ll add a skein of handspun to the bucket!  ;o)  (handspun of my choice & it’ll be a separate prize from the bucket) ETA: Holy carp!  It only took 3.5 hours to hit 50 comments!  Okay, if we hit 100?  I’ll throw a third prize in – another bucket bag!

ETA again!: Holy carp on a cracker!  We’re up to 100+ – I guess this means if we hit 150 I’ll add a FOURTH prize, another skein of handspun!  See?  I love you guys! ;o)

This contest ends Friday night at Midnight – so you can spread the word via twitter, facebook and blogs until then!  Good luck!

Comments are now closed!  I’ll be pulling the winners over the weekend and posting them on Monday – thanks to everyone who commented and good luck!

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162 thoughts on “Well, it appears…

  1. Happy Birthday, lady!! I’m feeling lucky–I just won part of the kitten pool over at Weaselmomma’s blog, so I’ll try my hand at this one, too! :D

    Seriously, though, have a great day. It’s already got to be a good one–five kittens were born on this date! ;)
    Divine Bird Jenny’s last post …Ten on Tuesday

  2. Happy Birthday! I’m not doing the TdF, as i have two birthdays and a major baby shower to knit for in the next month. We’re talking 2 size 4 sweaters with accompanying mice, 2 baby blankets, 2 baby sweaters and a duck and an elephant. Think that’s enough! I’ll link this to my Facebook.

  3. OH, I just watched the first Lord of the Rings movie the other night. I just love Bilbo’s speech! :) Fabulous photos of some fabulous spinning. I’m a big fan of your bucket bags and am off to twitter about your contest!

    Thanks for pulling us lurkers out with the contest. Makes us comment!
    Christine’s last post …In which Mother Nature said- BITE ME and I did

  4. whittamore says:

    i saw jenc’s post on facebook and wandered in here. happy birthday. those are nice bags.

  5. Rebecca Hunt says:

    I’ve seen one of your bags in action – my friend Jenn C. has one – and it is nifty. Congratulations on getting through another year :)

  6. Happy Birthday! I’m so excited have seen a contest before it closes even!

    I’m also excited to be a someday bucket bag owner. And I think my husband will be happy too – I’m anticipating less “fluffs” of fiber blowing ’round my living room!
    Tamara’s last post …Stage 10 – In Which We Commemorate

  7. You know there will be more than 50 comments, so you’d better have that handspun at the ready. Happiest of Birthdays to you!! This is YOUR year and my wish to you is for peace, harmony, love and joy!!
    margene’s last post …To Everything

  8. May you have the happiest of birthdays! I’m not sure if your version of a happy birthday involves a wizard appearing, you disappearing, and an adventure, but I hope it involves some sort of party and some sort of drink and some sort of cake!

    I hope the year ahead of you holds more joy, more laughter, and more love than you can imagine.
    Sandi’s last post …random thursday

  9. Doris says:

    Happy Birthday! Your tour de fleece spinning is lovely. I am so far behind with my spinning for the tour that it is not even funny. Must try to do some tonight. I hope that you are having a wonderful birthday.

  10. Happy birthday! I love the stuff you’ve been spinning – looks lovely! (And no matter how many times I visit, that bee banner makes me smile. LOVE.)

  11. Janice says:

    Happy Birthday! Love all the spinning, of course, but the silver and gold really rocks! I’ve been at the spinning about a month now and I already have a bucket bag (and a couple of box bags) and I love it. The tutorial for using the bucket bag with the center pull ball was really helpful and easy to follow. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  12. Mary says:

    Happy Birthday! The pictures of your TdF spinning are making me drool. Spunky’s champagne colorway is gorgeous. What wheel did you spin it on? The shots with the flyer are especially lovely!

  13. Maeghan says:

    Yay for birthdays and yay for prizes. :-) Have a terrific day. LOVE the tdf spinning you are doing – lots of pretties.

  14. Mazal Tov! Happy happy birthday! I hope you are having a wonderful, beautiful day today :)

    BUT do you mean I can’t win that amazing gray with a little yellow yarn up there? oysh,,, Actually, if I knew how to make such a beauty, I don’t think I would have given it to anyone either! beautiful spinning!

  15. Have a VERY Happy Birthday!
    Great job on your TdF spinning, I love your work with the Myrtle. For me it was my favourite colourway and fibre from Amy so far :)

  16. Nancy says:

    Beautiful spinning…love the colours! Happy Birthday and may it be filled with love and laughter and fibrey goodness.

  17. Stormy says:

    Happy Birthday – may you day be full of love & this birthday year be prosperous & filled with blessings.

    LOVE the bags I purchased from you!! Time for more I think. :)

  18. Ramona says:

    Wishing you the happiest birthday and many happy returns, a wonderful year and a long life of love and laughter, health and happiness, friends and fiber, music and mirth, peace and prosperity.

  19. Anne says:

    Happy Birthday! I usually send people a link to Altered Images “Happy Birthday” video, but since you mentioned a trip around the sun I will instead quote Oingo Boingo, and one of my favoritest songs evah:

    I looked Death in the face last night
    I saw him in a mirror
    And he simply smiled
    He told me not to worry
    He told me just to take my time

    We close our eyes and the world has turned around again
    We close our eyes and dream and another year has come and gone
    We close our eyes and the world has turned around again
    We close our eyes and dream …

  20. Sunnyknitter says:

    Happy Birthday! Mine was the 13th. Don’t you just find the nicest people are born in July? ;)
    Perhaps this will be the year that I actually work on my spinning skills. I have some material, just haven’t really practiced the actual spinning!
    Hope you have a terrific year!

  21. InJuneau says:

    What a lovely birthday gift you’re giving! And your spinning is beautiful. I love your bags too.

  22. Yay birthdays! Yay presents! Yay hobbits!

    I bought the teal bumblebee spindle bag from Boogie at MA S&W, and I adore it. Tons of room, and it’s gorgeous.

    Awesome job on your TdF spinning!
    Jess’s last post …Feeling crafty

  23. Cynthia says:

    Happy Birthday! (For the third time. Clearly, I can’t stop.) You deserve all the good things this year and the bad things can all go piss off.

  24. jodi s. says:

    Question?….What is mostly black with white skulls, and cross bones, barbed wire, and flowers…answer, a SWEEEEEEET Jessalu bag, made especially for me! Can I just say, I love that thing?! I currently have a project and a half in it, because I am so fickle, that I bounce back and forth between projects. Even if I don’t win, hope you had a great Un-Eleventy-first birthday!!

  25. Debby says:

    Happy Birthday, and thanks for the giveaway. May your new year be filled with many friends and other blessings.

  26. Happy Birthday! With the wedding coming up, it should be a very good year:) i am impressed with your TdF spinning, and better get moving myself so I don’t end up the all-time slacker… nice colors!

  27. Happy Birthday Jess!! Congratulations on another trip around the sun. Wishing you the very best year ahead, filled with love and prosperity and good health and happiness.
    Harriet’s last post …Ten On Tuesday

  28. Amanda says:

    Happy Birthday! I’ve been admiring your bags for some but I’m not much of a blog follower so this is the first time I’ve seen your handspun. Very nice stuff. I’ll have to look through your archives to see if you have a photo of your wheel. The glimpse in this post has me curious to see more of her.

  29. Happy Birthday. How nice of you to give things away on your birthday. I’d love a chance.

    That spinning is amazing!!! Let me ask you … how to you get it to look so crisp and polished? You and Tina both amaze me. Is there a trick?
    Amy Darsie’s last post …Spoiled – Pimp My Queue Swap

  30. Susan says:

    Hi! Happy Birthday! Hope it’s a great year for you! It is SO nice of you to give US presents on YOUR birthday. Very generous!

  31. Stella says:

    Happy Birthday!!

    You’ve gotten a lot farther on your TdF spinning than I did last year.

    The bucket bags look super cute! Especially the one with the hedgehogs.

  32. Diane S. says:

    A quick stop to wish you a special Happy Birthday here to!
    Hope you had a great day!!!
    Lots of hugs,

  33. Robin says:

    You really are a generous person…Happy Birthday to you! I do hope you eventually make it to eleventy-one.

  34. Mali says:

    Happy birthday Jess! the spinning is lovely, and your bags are great – I’m contemplating a bucket to go with my box bag. Perhaps a spindle bag too? Hmmmmmm…..

  35. Cathy says:

    Another birthday….I just had one last month! Hope you had a great day. Enjoy your blog and bags, too.

  36. Happy Birthday again. I will try to tweet at you today :) I don’t really get Twitter… it’s like facebook, but not…

    Crap I think i’m getting too old to catch up with the technology!

  37. Susie B says:

    Happy birthday, Jess. Less than 50 comments, right. We all read your blog and love your box bags. Don’t tweet so this is as good as it gets. Enjoy your next trip around the sun.

  38. Beverly W. says:

    Happy Birthday! I came over from Margene’s but will be back often as your blog is lovely.

  39. Val says:

    I’m new to your blog, but it looks interesting. Great bags and beautiful yarn–what could be better? Happy birthday!

  40. Susanne says:

    Wow, those bags are gorgeous! Margene sent me btw and so I thought I would drop in and wish you a Happy Birthday!!
    Sewing and knitting, two of my most favourite things in the whole wide world! Congrats.

  41. Janet says:

    Knock Knock. Margene sent me. Happy Birthday! The bags are just stunning and the high standard of workmanship shows clearly in the photographs. I’ll be back.

  42. blogless grace says:

    Margene has your information in her blog. Happy birthday! The colors on the wheel are wonderful.

  43. laurie d says:

    Happy Birthday to you-Happy Birthday to you!!!!!
    Cool presents, Stumbling over Chaos sent me.

  44. PJ says:

    Margene sent me. Happy birthday to you! The colors in this post are wonderfully, toasty warm. Almost makes me look forward to fall…

  45. Riaknits says:

    Yay! A very Happy (& albeit belated at this point) Birthday to you! What a fantastic giveaway. I’m going to go blab about it on Twitter now….
    Riaknits’s last post …Long overdue

  46. Colleen says:

    Happy Birthday! Wow…I know these are not the prizes but these yarns are gorgeous. I’m jealous.

    I have one of your box bags which is my absolute favorite — beautiful, very well-made, perfect size. I would love to get one of your bucket bags.
    Take care.

  47. Jan says:

    It’s all Margene’s fault! She sent us here! Beautiful TdF spinning, especially the Myrtle. Thanks for the generous contest!

  48. Lynn Winders says:

    Have a wonderful happy birthday. I love the concept of giving others gifts on our birthdays, it puts a whole new twist on things doesn’t it. The bags are lovely. Margene’s fault that all these replies are here. But I always love singing “Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuu”.

  49. Emily says:

    Happy Birthday! Heard about your birthday from Margene’s post. Hope you have a splendid day!

  50. Otter says:

    Happy Birthday! Do you like your Woolie Winder? I’ve always wanted one for my Schact. Your bags are great.

  51. Linda says:

    Happy Birthday, and may you have many more. Love your spinning. I am just starting, it sure is fun and frustrating at the same time.

  52. Carolyn says:

    Hey! Happy Birthday!

    I love the picture you have on the banner, I never see it since I usually read this blog thru bloglines which just gives me the meat of the post.

  53. Rosalia says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! Thanks for your generosity – – love the prizes! Hope I am one of the lucky ones. Rosalia

  54. Gwen says:

    Happy happy birthday! (to both of us. mine was Wednesday.)

    Gorgeous, gorgeous spinning. Color me jealous. (I can’t even get the hang of my drop spindle…)

  55. CaroleP (ohio says:

    Wow! Hope I’m not too late, it’s 11:37 p.m. in Ohio – A bucket bag, one of your bucket bags, that would be great!!! Yarn would be great, too (something to put in the great bucket)!
    Hope you had a great Birthday! And thanks for the opportunity to win BIG!
    Oh yes, Margene said to stop by – but I do occasionally anyway. Great blog. Isn’t great a Great word?

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