Ten on Tuesday…

…the one where Carole picks our brains for good ideas of what she should bring camping this summer.  ;o)

New Day

This week, our directive is ’10 Things to Bring on a Camping Trip’.  Ready?

1.  Marshmallows (and chocolate and graham crackers).

2.  Clothespins.  You’ll always need to hang up something wet or damp or clip down a tent something.

3.  A wireless television (oh I am going to get mocked for this one).  Back when R was working for the Evil Empire, he had a bunch of OT that we traded for a wireless TV.  The ‘brain’ gets hooked up to the cable and the screen can be plugged in or has a battery so you can watch TV next to the campfire.  What?  A girl can’t miss Dr. Who even when she’s stuck out in …nature.  Shut up.

4.  Your camera.  Does this one need explaining?

5.  Your tent?  Shelter is key.  (we have a camper but a tent will work just fine)


6.  Your knitting!

7.  Also, your spinning wheel (if you spin).

8.  A book – or, if you’re like me, your Sony Reader with most of your e-book library on it.

9.  Your iPhone or cell phone – the kind that have GPS independent of cell service – so if you get lost on your nature hike (*shudder*) you can find your way back to some semblance of civilization.

10.  Would it be overkill to bring a netbook too?  What?!

Okay that’s my list – what do you like to bring on a camping trip?

The pictures?  Those are two more skeins of TdF spinning done – top one is New Day/Corriedale/244 yds, bottom is Myrtle/Dark BFL/232 yds

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16 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday…

  1. ‘Splain GPS independent of cell service. What is this animal?

    I like the s’mores ingredients. It’s what I first thought of for camping. (The last time I camped was when I was 15 years old.)
    Laurie’s last post …Tour de Fleece 2010

  2. You sure are one hell of a high tech camping lady! :)

    I love love love your yarns, can’t say which is more beautiful. Do you ever knit them up?

  3. I presumed that 1) I’d be camping under duress 2) the weather would be awful, so my list is all about keeping warm and dry and hydrated. When going on vacation, however, I have a whole duffel bag just for knitting projects, and I also bring my camera, my laptop, my cell phone, Maggie Matchless, several bags of roving, several books, bathing suits, towels, and a hammock. Our first move after arriving at the cabin and unpacking is to go right back out again in search of s’mores ingredients.
    Lucia’s last post …Ten on Tuesday

  4. TV and a netbook? Really? (Isn’t that what the DVR/programmable VCR/whatever at home is for?)

    How ’bout tent, sleeping bag, extra sleeping bag, sleeping pad, socks & hat if it’s likely to be cold, means of starting a fire, teakettle & tea, knitting, spindles & fiber, and a tarp & ropes for hanging it over the picnic table?
    naomi’s last post …eye candy friday

  5. I haven’t been camping since I went quite so high-tech. I’m afraid to see how soft I’ve gotten… It used to be back-packing away from people. Now I’m not quite so sure that would work for me anymore…

    Love the yarn shots!
    Nicole’s last post …Week 29- A Matter of Magic

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