Ten on Tuesday…

…the one where Carole picks our brains for good ideas of what she should bring camping this summer.  ;o)

New Day

This week, our directive is ’10 Things to Bring on a Camping Trip’.  Ready?

1.  Marshmallows (and chocolate and graham crackers).

2.  Clothespins.  You’ll always need to hang up something wet or damp or clip down a tent something.

3.  A wireless television (oh I am going to get mocked for this one).  Back when R was working for the Evil Empire, he had a bunch of OT that we traded for a wireless TV.  The ‘brain’ gets hooked up to the cable and the screen can be plugged in or has a battery so you can watch TV next to the campfire.  What?  A girl can’t miss Dr. Who even when she’s stuck out in …nature.  Shut up.

4.  Your camera.  Does this one need explaining?

5.  Your tent?  Shelter is key.  (we have a camper but a tent will work just fine)


6.  Your knitting!

7.  Also, your spinning wheel (if you spin).

8.  A book – or, if you’re like me, your Sony Reader with most of your e-book library on it.

9.  Your iPhone or cell phone – the kind that have GPS independent of cell service – so if you get lost on your nature hike (*shudder*) you can find your way back to some semblance of civilization.

10.  Would it be overkill to bring a netbook too?  What?!

Okay that’s my list – what do you like to bring on a camping trip?

The pictures?  Those are two more skeins of TdF spinning done – top one is New Day/Corriedale/244 yds, bottom is Myrtle/Dark BFL/232 yds

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