I guess I was taking a break…

…who knew? ;o)

Things have been all wedding, all the time around here lately so I haven’t been blogging.  I’m thinking that you all don’t want to hear about my snail crawl towards the DIY finish line – if I’m wrong, let me know, ok? hehe

Since Wendy and her husband Jody spent all day here yesterday (and by all day I mean they got here at 10:30am-ish and left at 11pm-ish) and we finished the ceremony programs and partially finished the favors, I decided I needed a bit of a wedding-DIY break so I headed up to the Adirondack Sheep & Wool fest at the Washington County Fairgrounds.  Okay and I had to drop off bags to Judy and Karin for the VT show next week so it was kind of work related too – but I wasn’t gluing anything papery together so I was happy!

One of the first things I saw was this:

Merlin Tree Dave!

Hi Dave!

Dave had a CPW in his booth:

CPW in Dave's Booth

very pretty – but if I bring another one home right now I have a feeling the wedding would be off.  ;o)

A few other interesting things seen around the show:

Yarn in the Sliver Moon Farm Booth
Local (to me) Farm ;o)
Weaving - adding the fringe
Kind of cool!

and, some buckets at the Ball & Skein booth:

JessaLu Buckets in the Ball & Skein Booth

Judy will also have them in her booth at the VT Sheep & Wool show next weekend – the box bags will be in my friend Karin’s booth, I think under Periwinkle Sheep?

I’ve also been doing a bit of spinning here and there, here is my bobbin of ‘contusion’ from Sairy and Holyknitballs shop (they have more listed too…)

Sairy's Contusion

Isn’t that pretty?

Okay that’s all for now!  Aren’t you glad I popped in to let you know that I’m not dead yet? ;o)

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17 thoughts on “I guess I was taking a break…

  1. Manise says:

    So good to see you back here and know that you are in fact alive. :-) Sounds like things are progressing nicely wedding wise and glad you had the chance to take a break and see our fibery peeps. It’s always great being greeted by Dave’s smiling face. That CPW is beautiful! I love your “bruised” up singles! That’s an awesome colorway.

  2. It’s reassuring to know that even super bloggers like you get wrapped up in life sometimes! (doesn’t excuse my 9month blog break, but still…)

    Will you be at Rhinebeck? I hope so!

  3. It’s not like they were over helping for a full 12 hours or something. :p

    You know I wanna know, but no rush. I’m sure you don’t have time for much of anything right now.


  4. The spinning looks wonderful and it is good to hear from you. Write about whatever you’d like – I’m sure it will be good. In terms of wedding planning – so long as you have the essentials, things will work out – I continue to find out things that could have been planned for our wedding and we celebrated our 4 year anniversary this past summer!
    CatieP’s last post …Gluten-Free Cinnamon Buns

  5. I was not bloggin’ in solidarity… lol, not. Dan came out and grabbed me last night and said “they’re doing craft stuff in the Berkshires! will they put Jessalu/bag girl on Chronicle?”

    I said, I wish they would ( i show off your bags to anyone who will listen or stand still for 2.4 seconds), but with the wedding AND Chronicle? her head would explode. Lol. :) We watched. You weren’t on there, we considered emailing Chronicle and asking Anthony Everett what was wrong with him… he highlighted 1 crafter in the Berkshires and it was Princess Leia.

    PM when you get a chance…. I want to do a special order. :)
    Kate’s last post …10 on Tuesday

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