I know…

…I owe you a wedding post (waiting on the photos from my favorite photographer) and a honeymoon post (want to do the wedding post first because I try to not put the cart before the horse or the wedding before the honeymoon if I can help it – nevermind that R and I have been together for 11 years so I definitely did SOMETHING out of order *ahem*) but I can’t do either just yet so here I am giving you…

A Rhinebeck post!

R went with me this year which was lots of fun – he has been to other, smaller shows with me but never Rhinebeck.  When we had to wait in a 20 min line to get in he was a little taken aback – especially when three busloads of people unloaded and got in line behind us – then, when we walked past Building A & B and he saw the line snaking out across the walkway he was like, “wth is that line for?” and I was all, “dude. Socks That Rock.”  I must point out reason # four billionty why I love him, when I told him it was STR he knew what I meant and I didn’t have to explain further.  (however can I just interject here and point out that you can buy STR online and from my standpoint, standing in line for however long that line was is a little bit…well, silly, to me.  I’m sorry but…you can buy it online!  Sure, go in and touch it and look at the colorways but then take notes of what you like and then go online and order it instead of wasting precious festival time on line…but then, that’s just my opinion.  ;o)  )

Rhinebeck 2010

We spent most of the day walking around, talking to friends, getting hugs and congrats on the wedding (which was wonderful!  thank you all!) and that’s about it!  I did no shopping – I bought some honey but nothing fiber related.  I know!  Craziness!!

Saturday night we drove South to Kingston Poughkeepsie (oops!  It was pointed out to me by my husband that Kingston is on the OTHER side of the river!) and met up with Carole, her husband Dale, Kim and Hillary for dinner at our usual spot.  I got the seared tuna that I think about all year long, it was wonderful!

Rhinebeck 2010

As usual, the trees put on quite a show, everywhere we looked there was lovely fall color.

Rhinebeck 2010

On Sunday, I went back on my own and spent the day walking around with Carole & Dale, meeting up with other friends along the way (too many to link!  I think Carole did a linky fest on her post so I’ll send you over there) and I bought something!

Rhinebeck Purchases

A bag of Into the Whirled merino/silk and two skeins of merino/silk that I think I’ll turn into a neck warmer someday.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend and a great way to wrap up our honeymoon, I’m so glad we came home early!

OH! one more thing…

Guess what?

Guess What?

Sheep butt.  hehe  Sorry, had to do it! ;op