Ten on Tuesday…

…the one with all the movies!

Baldwin Hill Farm Owners - Waiting for the Fireworks

This photo was taken the day of the wedding,  the FD Chief went around and knocked on doors prior to our wedding to let the surrounding homeowners know that there would be fireworks around the time of our ceremony so no one was thinking we were being invaded. Some of them got out lawn chairs and waited for the show!

This week, our directive is 10 Movies You Want to See in the Theater so…ready?

1.  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 1

2.  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2

3.  Back to the Future Trilogy (I think I missed my chance on this one, there was a local theater that showed the new re-released remastered versions when the blu-ray versions came out recently)

4.  Tangled looks pretty cool

5.  The Chronicles of Narnia; Voyage of the Dawn Treader (coming out 12/10)

6.  The Green Hornet (coming out in January)

7.  The Lincoln Lawyer (I’m a HUGE Harry Bosch fan, this is a spinoff from the Bosch books, no spoilers!)

I think I have to stop at 7 – I am SUPER picky about what movies I’m willing to go to the theater and pay full price to see.

What movies are you looking forward to seeing in the theaters?

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