The Rehearsal

When we last visited our bride and groom, they were leaving the rest of the setup at the firehouse to their awesome helpers and heading to the ceremony site to practice their “I do’s”.

Everyone converged on the site (I had my clipboard and my ‘Mom Voice’ so everyone would listen):
543 copy

We practiced:


R couldn’t kiss me so Heath stepped in:


Now that’s a best friend! lol

Then, it was time to…




bowl!  Yes, our rehearsal dinner was held at a bowling alley and guess what?  It. was. Legen…waitforit…dary!

Up next…


The Big Day!

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9 thoughts on “The Rehearsal

  1. Clipboards are wonderful things. If people don’t accept your authority by default when you hold a clipboard, you can always whack them with it. :)

    The rehearsal looks like it was SO much fun!
    Jennifer’s last post …Keelin Progress

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