CPW’s! Unite!

This past Saturday, I attended a spinning event in Athens, NY that was hosted by my friend, Tina.  It was mainly for owners of Canadian Production Wheels but everyone was welcome.

CPW Spin-out in Athens, NY 11-13-10

(Tina and Jesh pictured above) We even had a less-than-48-hour owner of a new (to her) CPW!  Jess (on the right in the photo below – Yrallee is on the left) found her new toy just a day or so before our meetup!

CPW Spin-out in Athens, NY 11-13-10

I think we ignited some CPW lust in the hearts of the few who attended CPW-less ;o)

CPW Spin-out in Athens, NY 11-13-10

It was wonderful to see them grouped together

CPW Spin-out in Athens, NY 11-13-10

CPW Spin-out in Athens, NY 11-13-10

All around, a great day!

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7 thoughts on “CPW’s! Unite!

  1. I miss mine!!!! Well, it’s not mine anymore, which is why I miss it. But it was going to get damaged if I kept it. I was tripping over it routinely. Someday I hope to get another one. They are Wonderful Wheels! I love that picture of all of them lined up together. Glad you all had fun.
    Chris’s last post …Is She Or Isnt She

  2. Thank you very much for coming! I love seeing the wheels all together, and hearing our obvious admiration for those battle scarred beauties. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. :)

  3. I want one!
    I mean, they look like an art instillation all lined up like that. It must have been a wonderful day of spinning with the girls. Btw, I had NO IDEA our Jessica had one!

  4. When I was growing up, my great-aunt had a spinning wheel in her living room. Having looked at your pictures, if it wasn’t a CPW, it sure looked like one. She did not, as far as I know, spin — it was just something she had because it was pretty. When she died, most of her antiques (including the spinning wheel) that weren’t claimed by various family members were sold off. I was in eighth grade when she died, and had no interest in any of her household items…and now, as an adult, there are things I look back on fondly and wish I had. Including, now, her spinning wheel. Sigh.
    Sarah’s last post …We have winners!

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