Because I didn’t already have enough to do…

I organized some sock yarn.

A Little Bit of Sock Yarn

Then, because I was REALLY bored, I organized some more and threw in about a quarter of my handspun stash.

The Rest of the Sock yarn...and some Handspun

It’s not like I have about 10 people coming for Thanksgiving or anything… *ahem*

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9 thoughts on “Because I didn’t already have enough to do…

  1. Heh… anything to keep the stash looking not nearly so ready to devour your head, eh? I know how it goes, oh yes I do.

    Looks like we’ll have a roughly the same amount of company at our tiny houses this year, but at least my mom’s making the turkey. You’re the whole show on your own, right? Good luck!
    Tina M.’s last post …Getting Warped

  2. Finally, I checked out your wedding pictures!

    Beautiful job. I know it was a lot of work in the making but it was definitely worth it to see every last detail you covered. The flowers, the cupcakes, the fireworks, the knits, the hair, the dress, the lights, the whole shebang — and of course, the pom-poms. Wow.

    Hope married life is agreeing with you. Now you can sleep in the same bed. :-)
    Jessie’s last post …In which fall arrives

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