Ten on Tuesday…

…the one with all the holiday TV!

This week our directive is 10 Favorite Holiday Shows – this is probably going to be easy since I *love* watching holiday TV, it helps get me in the right frame of mind for cards, gifts, putting up the tree, needles everywhere, etc. You know, the good stuff. ;o) Ready? Okay, in no particular order:

1. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer – always a favorite! “I’m CUUUUTE!”

2. The Year Without a Santa Claus – Pictured above are Jingle, Jangle & Vixen. “You are being cited for riding a vixen the wrong way down a one way street!” love it! haha

3. A Charlie Brown Christmas – “Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you’re the Charlie Browniest.”

4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas – that little dog is the best!

5. Shrek the Halls – a new favorite!

6. Disney’s Prep & Landing – another new favorite!

7. Frosty the Snowman – of course!

8. A Christmas Story! OMG we quote this one all year long – “frah-gee-lay! it MUST be Italian!” and “OMG I SHOT MY EYE OUT!” among other favorites

9. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation – “Is your house on fire, Clark?”

10. White Christmas – there are lots of older movies that I love to watch when they are on TMC (I own quite a few but it’s not the same as when its on television for some reason) but this is definitely in the top three.

I guess I’ll stop at 10 – what are your favorite shows?

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12 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday…

  1. Anne says:

    IN addition to most of your list, I do love Olive the Other Reindeer on the newer side. And It’s a Wonderful Life for sentimental favs. We also quote The Christmas Story endlessly. You can bet the TV at our house will be on TBS Christmas Eve and Day!

  2. My absolute favorite movie – Christmas or not – is Muppet Family Christmas. My mom and I quote it all the time. I have it on DVD but it doesn’t have the commercials like my old copy did and it is missing a few songs (I think they had issues getting a license or something). So it is always a bit bittersweet when I watch the DVD copy. I will watch this movie anytime of year – especially when I am feeling sad because it perks me up so much.
    CatieP’s last post …This Moment – December 3- 2010

  3. I haven’t seen #5 and #6, must see if I can find them on the TV schedule. And of course, Charlie Brown’s Christmas is on tonight and I have a party to go to. Some days I understand the appeal of a DVR….

  4. I always want them to show up on TV too! Watching them on DVD feels like it’s cheating. After all, I’m not scheduling Christmas, am I? December 25 no matter what.
    Carrie#K’s last post …A New Year

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