Did you know…

…I spin?  Yeah, I had almost forgotten, myself.  ;o)

Red...BFL? Tag...gone.

Red...BFL? Tag...gone.

300ish yards of BFL 2-ply that’s about worsted weight.  I’m hoping the knitting fairies will make this into mittens for R so his hands don’t freeze while he’s shoveling snow.  Oh wait…*I’m* the knitting fairy around here.  Crap.  I should probably start knitting these…


In other news…it’s tax season.  Hoo and also Ray.  In happier news:

Shop update in the works!

Shop update in the works!  ;o)

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11 thoughts on “Did you know…

  1. That handspun is amazing. I love the dark red .. totally a great ‘man’ color.

    Ah – one day, my spinning will look as good as yours and Tina’s. One day … but I’m on the right track.

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