Guess what…

…I did last weekend.  ;o)

More details as soon as it’s healed enough to look pretty in a photograph!

Also, sorry for the radio silence.  Between tax season and shop business I’ve had no time to blog.  I do have FO’s and WIP’s to tell you about though!

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9 thoughts on “Guess what…

  1. Anne says:

    YOU LET SOME GUY PERFORM BRAIN SURGERY ON YOU?! Personally I think the green walls are a bit jarring for a surgical suite. They should have painted them a nice soft mint green or something, but the wood floors are a nice touch. Still can’t understand why you’d be smiling through surgery though. Unless he was implanting a thingy in your brain that makes you forget all your troubles, you know, chase all your cares away. That must be it! A Come On Get Happy Implant! Hooray! Congratulations! How much did he charge and what’s his waiting list like?


  2. OMG! Is that a zombie trying to suck your brains out through your ear or did you get a radical ink job? If it was the former then do we still get a picture?

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