…I’ve always been a little scared to get a tattoo.  I have a needle issue and then there was the prospect of having something on my body that I couldn’t remove.  Hair color grows out, ear piercings can heal but tattoos are forever.  I’ve also never had something I was willing to tattoo onto myself, never had something I was willing to spend the rest of my life looking at.

Then, last year while I was talking to Amy during a fiber fest, I told her that I was thinking about getting a tattoo.  Then I said, “I’m thinking about getting a bee.”  She looked at me and said, “you *need* a bee.”  And that was that.  ;o)


There were other conversations with other friends and all of those helped solidify her statement and my resolve to put on my big girl pants and give this tattoo thing a whirl.  So, I now have a bee.


You might recognize it if you’ve ever purchased a bag from me at a fiber festival.  This is the stamp I use for the back of my hang tags.  Why did I choose this, you ask?  To remind myself that I can build something from nothing, with perseverance, hard work and a lot of sweat equity.

…and now, because it took (literally) five minutes and it barely hurt, I’m already thinking about getting another one.  ;o)  hehe

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25 thoughts on “Ink…

  1. I love it! Your hesitation sounds very similar to mine. I’ve yet to find what would be good for me – but the bee is absolutely perfect for you – for all the reasons you laid out.
    Jennifer’s last post …An eternal optimist

  2. Love the ink! I’ve always been resistant to getting inked, too. Part of it had to do with all the reasons you mentioned, and part of it was the result of helping nurse a friend of my roommate’s boyfriend through pain/infection when a really BIG tattoo he was getting went bad. Eek! I have, however, seen this darling little delicate spray of musical notes across the top of a few feet…maybe I’m getting up the nerve…
    Laurie’s last post …We interrupt our regularly scheduled blogging

  3. I think about one now and then… but I’m FIFTY and, well, the body sags and wrinkles over time, you know? Yours is wicked cute though! Maybe I should do a mini version of what I’ve always had in mind. I have this birthmark that goes across half my front (under and on one of the boobs), around my ribs, and onto my back. It’s a port wine thing, light, spreads over time, looks a little like a rash but isn’t. I thought a dragon breathing red fire might make it even more intentional, esp. since I’ve always dreamed of alligators. But then it would have to be an alligator breathing fire. And I don’t know about inking stained skin…
    knitnzu (lisa)’s last post …molas mitts and madness

  4. Adorable! Good for you. A tatoo is something I have considered before but haven’t committed to.
    I recognize the bee from the zipper charm of the awesome bag I bought from you!! I love that bag btw. ;-)

    ps – have you read the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo books? She had a wasp tatooed on her neck…just sayin’

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